Does Spring Mattress Cause Back Pain? (4 Secrets Revealed)

I swore that I will never buy a spring mattress again!

The mattress that I was using squeaked and made noise whenever I moved on bed.

The noise made me go mad!

But, I was also having pain all over my body.

Does spring mattress cause back pain?

I have found the answer with my own experience.

Keep reading to find out more.

Does spring mattress cause back pain?

No. Spring mattresses do not cause back pain if the springs and other materials in the mattress are of good quality. When buying, check whether it makes any sound while turning your body. You should also buy only pocket spring mattresses as they will give better support to the body.

What type of mattress can cause back pain?

The most common cause of back pain during sleep is the wrong posture.

If your spine is not aligned naturally during sleep, it can trigger back pain.

But, if you already have a health condition that triggers back pain, choosing the wrong type of mattress can worsen it.

As such, before choosing the type of mattress, you should check whether you have a health issue.

If you do, it is better to go with your doctor’s recommendation.

If you don’t, then ask yourself – what kind of bed do I like? 

Do you like to sleep on a soft bed or a firm bed?

Or maybe you like both!

If you like to sleep on a firm mattress but choose to buy a soft one, it will not be very comfortable for you.

And vice-versa.

You will experience all sorts of discomfort, including back pain.

So, the answer is that the type of mattress that can cause back pain depends on your preference for firmness.

Everybody has their own preference for firmness when sleeping.

Buy that mattress that is comfortable for you or it will be the worst mattress for back pain for you.

How do I know if my mattress is causing my back pain?

If you are sure that you do not have a spine problem or any such health issue, here is how you should check whether your mattress is the main reason for your back pain:

  • What is the age of the mattress? If it is over 10 years, buy a new one. For coir mattresses, it’s 5 years.
  • Is the surface of the mattress uneven? If it is, you should change it.
  • If you are using a spring mattress, is it making sounds when pressure is applied? If it does, the springs are not of good quality. That may be the reason for your back pain.
  • If the mattress has a very hard surface, it can cause back pain too as the spines are not aligned naturally.
  • If the mattress is too soft, that can also cause back pain as the spine is not getting proper support.

Spring mattress disadvantages

So, what are the side effects of spring mattresses?

Is a spring mattress good for back pain after all?

Or, Is a spring mattress good for health in general?

Well, back pain is off-course one of the major side effects of a badly constructed spring mattress.

However, it is wrong to think that all spring mattresses can cause back pains.

If the spring and the foams are not of good quality, then it will definitely be uncomfortable for you.

Why does my back hurt on spring mattress?

If you are already using a spring mattress and you think it’s hurting your back, check that – 

  • There are no sounds when you are sitting or turning when lying down.
  • The foam on the top has not worn out.
  • It is not too bouncy.
  • Your whole body is supported properly.
  • And remember, spring mattresses are best suited for young people.

Is Bonnell spring mattress good for back pain?

No. Bonnell spring mattresses are not good for you if you have back pain.

The reason is, Bonnell springs cannot give optimum support to your body as pocket springs.

As Bonnell springs are interlocked by metal wires, all the springs move together when pressure is applied.

In pocket spring mattresses, however, the springs are kept in individual fabric pockets.

So, they can move individually and adjust to different pressures of your body, thereby giving better support.

Which type of mattress is best for sleeping?

As I said earlier, the type of mattress that is best for sleeping depends on the type of comfort you like.

However, with back pains in mind, I would suggest buying a mattress that has medium-firm support.


Spring mattresses do not cause back pain.

If you are facing spring mattress problems, then you should check that – 

  • Your age should is not over 35 years, as spring mattresses are suitable for young people.
  • It is a pocket spring mattress.
  • The spring and foam qualities are good.
  • It provides medium-firm support.

Check out the best spring mattress for back pain here.

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