Best Mattress With Spring In India For 2024

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Spring mattresses account for 22% of total mattress sales in India.

It is expected to grow to 30% very soon. [Source: Redseer]

The rising popularity of spring mattresses led many companies to introduce newer varieties to the Indian market in recent times.

But which is the best spring mattress that you can buy now?

I selected 3 top ones for you.

Make sure to read this in full as I will tell you why I think they are the only ones you should consider buying.

Best mattress with spring for 2024

Budget Pick

Wakefit pocket spring mattress
Pocket Spring
Tungsten carbide Springs
Edge Support
8″ thickness
10 years warranty

The pocket springs in the Wake Up mattress are made of tungsten carbide.

Tungsten carbide is known to have high hardness and high resistance to corrosion.

One of the striking features of the mattress is that you can sleep on either side, as it has quilted foam on both sides.

The mattress is available in many readymade sizes.

You can also order a custom size as per the measurements of your bed.

It is available in 6, 8, and 12-inch thicknesses.

Wakeup Innovation Private Limited was founded in 2017.

The company has a wide range of products like memory foam mattresses, pocket spring mattresses, mattress protectors, pillows, and furniture.

The mattress manufacturing facility is located in Bhiwani, Haryana.

You can buy their mattresses at one of their outlets in Gurugram.

Or you can buy them online and get them delivered anywhere in India.

What We Like About It:

  • When you buy the Wake Up Pocket Spring mattress, you get pocket springs made of tungsten carbide. The springs are of very good quality.
  • You also get 10 years warranty, which gives you more confidence to buy this mattress

What We Do Not Like About it:

  • There are no color options.

Best Value

The Sleep Company Mattress
SmartGrid Material
Pocket Spring
Cotton Viscose Fabric
8″ thickness
10 years warranty

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this is – “what is SmartGRID?”

Well, here’s what they have to say –  “SmartGRID is made from a hyperelastic polymer material which is directly sourced from Japan.” (Source: Quora)

The company seems to be quite secretive about its primary material, which is actually very new to Indian consumers.

I would have liked to see the company sharing more about this material.

But, at the moment, that’s all that I have found about it.

So, why I have included it on this list?

It’s because the SmartGRID Ortho Hybrid mattress from The Sleep Company is actually very well constructed.

The top of the mattress has 1” of the “SmartGRID” material that is very responsive to body weight.

Below that is a layer of 2” “Ortho support GRID”.

Again, the company does not say what it is actually made of.

There is a double layer of 0.25” felt, which houses the 4” pocket springs.

And there is a 0.5” High Resilient foam at the bottom.

Well, if you want to try something new, you can go for it.

But, please note that there is no free trial if you buy it from sites like Amazon.

And, although they mention the warranty to be of 5 years, I believe it is actually 10 years.

What We Like About It:

  • The unusual material of The Sleep Company mattress is very bouncy. So, it’s perfect for people looking for actual spring mattresses.
  • We also like that it has pocket springs too. So, you get more bounce and support.
  • We like the fact that it has 10 years warranty, especially as the material is so new.

What We Do Not Like About it:

  • There are no color options.

Premium Choice

Springfit Pro Activ Pocket Spring Mattress
Memory Foam
Pocket Spring
Jacquard Fabric
8″ thickness
5 years warranty

What impressed me most in the Springfit ProActiv Flow mattress is the choice of materials.

It has 2 types of comfort foam which are memory foam and High Resilience (HR) foam.

Then there are layers of dense foam and pocket springs to give support to the body.

The pocket springs are made of carbon manganese alloy.

Manganese steel has more strength and is resistant to abrasion.

The fabric has a 3D jacquard design for more airflow.

This is a pillow-top mattress, which means there is a mattress topper sewn permanently over the comfort layer.

As such pillow tops give the mattress a fluffy soft feel.

What We Like About It:

  • The Springfit Pro Activ mattress is all about good materials as it has pocket springs, memory foam, and high-resilience foam.
  • The pocket springs are made of carbon manganese alloy which lasts longer.
  • The pillow top gives a plush comfort too.

What We Do Not Like About it:

  • The mattress has only 5 years warranty. It should have been more.

How to buy the perfect spring mattress?

There are 2 types of spring mattresses available in India – Bonnell spring mattresses and Pocket spring mattresses.

In Bonnell spring mattresses the coils are connected with each other by metal wires.

In pocket spring mattresses, the coils are kept in separate fabric bags or pockets which are stitched together.

The main advantage of pocket spring mattresses is that when pressure is applied to one part of the mattress, the coils of only that area get sunk.

The coils on the other areas of the mattress remain unaffected.

Hence, you will not be disturbed by the tosses and turns of the other person.

That is why I always recommend buying pocket spring mattresses.

So let’s see what else you should look for when buying a spring mattress


Spring mattresses are suitable for persons who are young and have an active lifestyle.

Being bouncy, it is not suitable for aged persons.

And I do not recommend buying them if you have any spine or back pain issues.

Sleeping habit

Spring mattresses are suitable for all types of sleepers.


Spring mattresses are most suitable for people with heavy body weight.

Sleeping partner

If you are concerned about your partner’s tosses and turns, then pocket spring mattresses are ideal for you.


Spring mattresses are available in both readymade sizes as well as custom sizes.

Before buying any mattress, you should always take the measurement of your bed.

Take the measurements from the edge of the bed.

And if you have a box-type bed, make sure to take the measurements inside the box, so that the mattress fits inside it.

Remember that if you order a custom mattress, the company may refuse to exchange it.

So, before ordering, you should take the measurement of your bed with utmost care.


As spring mattresses are bouncy in nature, the more thickness the better.

Body weight also plays a part in choosing thickness.

I recommend buying spring mattresses having at least 8” thickness to get the optimum benefits.


In general, you should choose the firmness as per your liking.

If you do not like to sleep on a firm mattress but buy a firm mattress, you will not like it.

Or, if you do not like to sleep on a soft mattress, buy a soft mattress, and you will feel uncomfortable.

Apart from your liking, also check whether you have any back pain issues.

If you have back pain issues, then you should buy a medium-firm mattress.

Spring type

I always recommend buying pocket spring mattresses as you will not be disturbed by the tosses and turns of your partner.

They are also more comfortable than Bonnell spring mattresses.

Support materials

The comfort layers in a spring mattress play a very important role.

It is the comfort layer that ensures that the mattress will be really comfortable for you.

I recommend having memory foam or HR foam as the comfort layers


The foams of spring mattresses are prone to get damaged if there is no protection underneath.

So, check the construction of the mattress when buying them.

Also, make sure that children do not jump over the mattress.


As the springs are made of metals, spring mattresses are generally costly.

However, companies are taking innovative steps to reduce costs and make them affordable for everyone such as:

  • Packing them into boxes for easy storage and shipping.
  • Shipping them directly from factories, cutting the middlemen out.
  • Using alloys instead of pure steel.

All these ensure that you get the best spring mattress price in India.


Spring mattresses last between 5 and 10 years.

So, choose a spring mattress that has a longer warranty.

Customer support

Last but not least, like any other things that you purchase, ensure that the company has a good customer support system.

Check the reviews and see what the existing users have to say about the support.


Which mattress is best for spring?

Wake-Up is the best mattress for spring.

Which mattress is better open coil or pocket sprung?

A pocket sprung mattress is better than an open coil mattress.

Why is pocket spring mattress the best?

The pocket spring mattress is the best type of spring mattress because you will not feel the movements of your partner while sleeping.

Is higher spring count better in a mattress?

Yes. A higher spring count is better in a mattress as more springs ensure better support for the body.

Which bed is better foam or spring?

Spring is better than foam if you like a bouncy bed. On the other hand, if you do not like a bouncy bed, then foam will be a better material for you.

Are spring mattresses outdated?

No. Spring mattresses are not outdated.

How long do spring mattresses last?

Spring mattresses last up to 10 years.

How did we make the choices?

Spring mattresses are known for lasting long.

I had one in the family that has been around for more than 30 years!

So, I know what spring mattresses are because I have been using them for my entire life.

But today’s spring mattresses are better, because of the availability of superior materials.

We had a spring mattress made of Bonnel springs.

But, I went for pocket springs, when I bought a new mattress.

Pocket springs are more comfortable.

And the pocket springs of these mattresses are excellent.

I am using one of these for the last 3 years, and my experience has been great.

My experience helped me to make the other two choices easily.

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