Which Orthopedic Mattress Is Best In India? 2024

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Are you looking for the best orthopedic mattress in India 2024?

But are all orthopedic mattresses truly orthopedic?

What should we look for when buying an ortho mattress?

I was confused just like you a few years back.

And I have a horrible experience, which I will share later in this article.

Keep reading.

Best Ortho Mattress

Top Pick

SleepyCat Original Ortho Mattress
Memory Foam
Bamboo Fabric
Washable Cover
8″ thickness
100 Nights Trial
10 years warranty

There is 1″ of memory foam on the top of the SleepyCat Original mattress.

Below this is a 1″ layer of high-density foam, which gives more responsiveness.

And at the bottom of the mattress is a 8″ layer of super high-density foam, which gives firm support to the body.

It also helps to maintain the structure of the mattress.

The fabric is made of Bamboo fabric.

The fabric is made of knitted linen.

What We Like About It:

  • The SleepyCat Original mattress truly gives a medium-firm comfort, which is recommended by the doctors.
  • We like the quality of the fabric, which gives a plush feel.
  • You can try it for 100 nights, which is great!
  • The 10 years warranty gives us more confidence to buy this product.

Best Value

SleepX Ortho Plus Mattress
Memory Foam
High-resilience Foam
8″ thickness
10 years warranty

The SleepX Ortho Plus is the sister brand of the well-known Sleepwell mattresses.

It is made of memory foam on the top and high-resilience foam at the base.

It provides firm support to the body.

The soft knitted fabric at the top gives a cushy feel.

What We Like About It:

  • SleepX Ortho Plus is a true value-for-money mattress. Great product quality at a low price.
  • The purple color makes it look trendy.
  • The 10-year warranty is a huge factor for considering the mattress.

Premium Choice

The Sleep Company Mattress
Extra Firm
5-zone Support Layer
Knitted Melange Fabric
Anti-Skid Base
Certified by AIHA
8″ thickness
10 years warranty

SmartGRID is a proprietory material, which makes The Sleep Company mattress unique.

It is made from a hyperelastic polymer material.

The material is sourced from Japan.

You will not get this material in any other mattress.

The SmartGrid material is bouncy yet firm, which gives a unique support to the body.

What We Like About It:

  • The bounce is more than a spring mattress in The Sleep Company mattress. But it is firm too. We like it.
  • We also like the cushy feel on the top. The fabric quality is excellent.
  • We like the fact that it is certified, which boosts our confidence.
  • The generous 10 years warranty gives more confidence to buy this mattress.

What to look for in an orthopedic mattress?

Here are the factors that you should look for in an orthopedic mattress.

  • The mattress should not be too firm or too soft. That will cause huge pressure on the spine, causing back pain. It should be either firm or medium-firm.
  • Choose the thickness of the mattress as per your weight to get optimum support. An 8″ thickness is ideal for any person.
  • Aged people should not choose a mattress having too much bounce.

How we chose the best orthopedic mattress?

I was using an orthopedic mattress for 3 years.

But my experience told me that it was not an orthopedic mattress at all!

I started having pain all over my body after using it for a couple of days.

Later, I switched to a truly orthopedic mattress.

The irony is that, the material of both the mattresses is the same!

Both are made of memory foam.

From this experience, I learned that all memory foam mattresses are not equal.

So, in making my choices of orthopedic mattresses for this article, I was extra careful as to which one I should suggest.

I actually tested these mattresses at shops, my friend’s place and at my home.

And I also gathered a lot of feedback from the actual users.

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