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Umesh Tiwari

Hi! I am Umesh.

A few years back I suddenly couldn’t move out of bed in the morning. I had terrible pain in the back that completely paralyzed me.

A call to the doctor led to a battery of tests like X-rays and MRIs. It was diagnosed as a muscle strain and I was advised to completely rest for at least one week.

I was also told that the injury could have resulted from using a bed mattress.

I was shocked to hear that a mattress can cause injury to the back resulting in back pain!

So, I started reading about it. And later, started looking for a new mattress.

But, with thousands of brands and types of mattresses available, I was very confused as to which one to buy.

I visited many local shops and got more confused. Each one recommended a different brand or a different type of mattress.

So, I started looking at the online shopping portals. I got more confused as I found so many new brands of mattresses. I have never heard of most of these brands.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it took me almost 3 months to buy a mattress.

But in the process, I learned so many things which I was never aware of. I learned about different types of foams, springs, and latex. I learned about the processes used to make mattresses by the best brands in the business. And I learned the best types of mattresses for different conditions like back pain, age, lifestyle, etc.

I also realized that there are so many people out there who are as confused as I was when buying mattresses. And most of them do not have the time or resources to do this kind of research.

I realized that with advertisements taking center stage, from shopkeepers to print and electronic media, it is necessary to cut the noise and get genuine advice.

This led me to build Matxprt.com.

It is my humble way to spread awareness about buying mattresses in India. I know that buying a mattress is not as easy as paying a premium price and expecting premium quality.

So, if you want to buy the best mattress for yourself and your family, I am here to help you choose one.

But, please do not think that I am doing this as a way to earn only.

I do earn by showing ads on my site. I also earn when you click on a link to buy a mattress. But you do not pay extra for either of these.

However, if you return the product, I lose the money too. So, my first priority is to always try and give you the best value for your money so that it never happens.

Thanks for reading and your business.

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