Why Are Foam Mattresses So Expensive? (7 Great Reasons)

Do you know that the price of mattresses rose by 17% globally in recent times?* Well, if you are wondering why are foam mattresses so expensive nowadays, then you have come to the right place. Let’s look at the factors contributing to the rise in detail.

* Source: HouseDigest

Why are foam mattresses so expensive?

Foam mattresses are too expensive nowadays because of the different types of foams used, the high quality of the foam, additional layers of costly materials, certifications, trial period, and rising costs of labor, marketing, shipping, and taxes. Buying a foam mattress online is comparatively cheaper than buying it offline.

Let us take a look at the reasons more deeply below.

Type of foam

There are cheap foams and there are costly foams.

For example, polyurethane foam (PUF) costs much less than memory foam.

PUF is generally used in the packaging industry.

However, they are also used in other industries like mattresses, cars, etc.

As these are soft, they cannot withstand heavy weight.

Hence, in the mattress industry, bonded foams are used below the PUF foam to give support to our bodies.

Bonded foams are made from scrap PUF under high pressure.

So, they are hard foams.

Memory foams on the other hand are made from PUF foam, but additional processes make them more dense and bouncy.

Then there are latex foams, which are made from rubber trees.

Latex is the costliest of all types of foam as they are sourced naturally and are scarce material.

Latex is also mixed with PUF foam to make it more responsive to our body weight.

So, as you can understand, the price of foam mattresses depends on the type of foam used in the mattress.

Quality of the foam

There are good quality foams and there are bad quality foams.

Foams that are cheaper in price are made using cheap raw materials.

If the price of the raw materials used in the manufacturing processes of foams is high, it will add to the costs of the mattress.

As such a memory foam mattress costs much higher than a PUF mattress because of the difference in the manufacturing process.

Additional layers

As PUF foam is soft and cannot provide firm support to our body, hard materials like bonded foam are used at the base of a PUF mattress.

If a single sheet of PUF foam is used to make the mattress, then the thickness of the foam also comes into play.

The price of the upper layer, that is the fabric, also contributes to the price of the foam mattress.

If the fabric is made from premium materials, the foam mattress will definitely be costly.

So, the materials used for the support layer, cover, and thickness make the foam mattress more expensive.


Nowadays some types of foam mattresses like memory foam and latex come with certifications from third parties.

Companies use these certifications to increase the perceived value of mattresses.

Certifications help to distinguish a brand from its competitors.

But getting these certifications involves fees and costs for the company, which affects the price of the mattress.

Trial period

Apart from certifications, mattress companies also give a trial period for their mattresses.

Trial periods are offered mostly for memory foam mattresses.

But, long trial periods can also contribute to the price of the mattress because it involves the risk of returns by the customer.

Rising costs 

Then there are general factors like rising costs of labor, marketing, and shipping which make foam mattresses expensive.

If these costs increases, the price of the mattress will also increase.

Are expensive mattresses worth it?

Yes, expensive mattresses are worth it.

Actually, mattresses from reputed mattress companies are more expensive than local brands.

And these mattress companies spend a lot of time and money on Research and Development (R&D).

As such, R&D is also another factor, which makes a mattress costly.

So, if your budget permits, stick to mattresses from reputed well-known mattress brands.


The reasons for foam mattresses being so expensive are –

  • Costly foam like memory foam and latex foam.
  • Quality of the foam used.
  • Additional layers inside the mattress like bonded foam, latex, memory foam, and fabric.
  • Certifications of the mattress.
  • The trial period, especially for memory foam mattresses.
  • Rising costs of labor, marketing, and shipping.
  • Research and development.

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