Which Mattress Is Used In 5 Star Hotels? (Top Secrets Exposed)

Do you want to know which mattress is used in 5 star hotels in India? Some mattress companies claim that their mattresses are indeed used by 5 star hotels. But are they right? Let me tell you the real story.

Which mattress is used in 5 star hotels?

The mattresses used in 5 star hotels are chosen based on the tolerance levels of most people because their primary goal is to make the customer happy. They want a durable mattress that fits their budget. Their preferred choice is pocket spring mattresses with pillow tops or with mattress toppers.

Why do hotel mattresses feel so good?

Hotel mattresses feel so good because of the cushioning on the top.

Top hotels use pillow-top mattresses.

Pillow tops are an extra layer of soft foam that is sewn over the mattress.

The pillow top is a way of stitching this layer over the mattress that makes it look fluffy.

What type of mattress do most hotels use?

Most of the top hotels use pocket spring mattresses.

Spring mattresses last longer than other types because it is the only type of mattress that is made with metals.

The springs are usually made of steel or alloy.

Latex is also preferred as a 7 star hotel mattress as they are eco-friendly, provide great support, and last longer too.

However, considering there will be all kinds of guests in their hotel with a wide range of choices, most of the 5-star hotels go with spring mattresses.

Spring mattresses are rough, tough, bouncy, comfortable, easy to maintain, and fits all types of budget.

Which category of mattress is best?

For hotel usage, the best category is indeed pocket spring mattresses.

Pocket springs are better than Bonnel springs because people are not disturbed by the tosses and turns of the other person in the bed.

Pocket spring mattresses also provide better support to the body as the individual springs adjust to the curves of the body.

How often do 5 star hotels replace mattresses?

Hotels do not like to replace mattresses very often as they operate on a limited budget.

And 5 star hotels are not an exception.

However, as reputation is at stake here, 5 star hotels are more concerned about their guest’s preferences compared to other hotels.

So, some top hotels will replace their mattresses even if there is a slight hint of complaint from guests.

While others would find a way to get over it in a more amicable way.

But, if the mattress is nearing its end of life, then they will definitely replace it.

Spring mattresses have a life of around 10 years.

But depending on usage, it may be shorter.

Which mattress are used in Taj hotels?

The mattress used in Taj hotels is of the spring mattress type from Hush.

What are the top luxury mattresses?

The top luxury mattress in India is Springfit Club Class Grande and Hush Coolzen.

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