Is Cotton Mattress Good For Back Pain? 5 Essential Truths You Must Know.

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Cotton mattresses are being used for generations in India. Now we have so many varieties of mattresses that we often wonder - Is cotton mattress good for back pain? In this article we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of a cotton mattress. You must know these before you buy any cotton mattress.

Are Cotton Mattresses Better Than Modern Mattresses?

Modern mattresses like coir mattress, bonnel spring mattress, pocket spring mattress, memory foam mattress, latex mattress, etc. were developed for a reason.

Research and development is going on everyday to build more efficient mattress which will provide comfort, luxury and good support to the body.

Cotton mattresses served us well in the past when these modern mattresses were not developed. But now we can choose a mattress which will give us more value.

Let us understand the benefits and disadvantages of using a cotton mattress in more detail and find the answer to the question – Is cotton mattress good for back pain?

Cotton Mattress Benefits


Organic cotton mattresses have good air-circulation and ventilation. This keeps the mattress cool. So in hot summers in India, cotton mattress are cooler.


Cotton mattresses are soft. A new cotton mattress feels firm and then after few months become soft. So new cotton mattresses are quite comfortable.


Organic cotton is a natural material. Hence they do not cause any allergies.

Cotton Mattress Disadvantages


Although organic cotton is non-toxic, but other types of cotton can contain chemicals. Such cotton mattresses can be harmful to the body.

Not Dust-Mite Proof

Cotton mattresses easily attracts dust mites. This do not only make the mattress dirty but can also cause various diseases.

Not Fire-Proof

Cotton can easily catch fire. Hence a cotton mattresses are not fire-proof.

Cannot Provide Good Support To The Body

Cotton mattresses are non-responsive to the toss and turns of the body at night. So it cannot provide a good support to the body. It also becomes uneven after few years.

Not Durable

Cotton being a loose material do not have the capacity to retain shape. So a cotton mattress looses it's shape after few years and become harder and uneven.

Cotton Mattress For Back Pain

is cotton mattress good for back pain

For relief from back pain it is important to maintain proper spinal alignment during sleep.

Cotton mattresses cannot provide good support to the spine as it is non-responsive. It cannot provide a medium-firm comfort as recommended by orthopaedic doctors.

Modern mattresses made with modern materials like spring and foam are more responsive to the body curves.

A cotton mattress, instead of providing relief from back pain, can actually increase it.

Best Mattress For Health

A best mattress for health is the one which will feel comfortable to sleep without causing any back pain.The mattress should also not cause any allergies. A comfortable mattress, a noiseless and dark environment can provide a good night’s sleep to anybody. 

Best Mattress For Back Pain In India

The best type of mattress is the one which gives you maximum comfort. It should also not cause any back pain.

You already know that a cotton mattress is not good for back pain.

The best mattress for back pain are memory foam mattress and latex mattress.

If you want a detailed review of the three mattresses click on the link above.

Is Cotton Mattress Good For Health?

Cotton being a natural product is generally good for health.But it should be organic.

However as cotton mattresses tends to sag, it looses shape easily and becomes uneven. This causes back aches.

A cotton mattress also attracts dust mites and other germs, which can cause various diseases. A cotton mattress gets soiled and becomes dirty easily.

For all these reasons, a cotton mattress is not good for health at all. That is why research is always going on to develop a more healthy and comfortable mattress.

Is Cotton Mattress Good For Back Pain?

You must have read above that cotton mattress is not good for back pain at all.

To repeat, cotton being a loose material, looses it’s shape after few years and becomes uneven.

Cotton is also non-responsive, meaning, it cannot adjust to the body curves. Hence a cotton mattress cannot provide proper spinal alignment when we toss and turn in bed.

So a cotton mattress is not good for providing relief from back pain.

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