Which Mattress Is Good For Health In India? 3 Secrets To Comfort.

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Are you confused about which mattress is good for your health? You should be. Many people think buying a mattress is just going to the shop and buy the one that fits the budget. Some of us do consider the firmness, but that is all there is to it. But budget and comfort are not the only things to be considered when buying a mattress. In this article we will give you an ultimate guide to buy a good mattress. Read on to find out more.

Quick Answer

A mattress of medium-firm comfort is good for your health.

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Why a good mattress matters?

Some of us buys a mattress once in their life. If you are one of them consider these:

  • Are you getting the same comfort from your existing mattress ? (By “same comfort” we mean the kind of comfort you had when you first brought it home).
  • Are you noticing any disturbed sleep patterns in you?
  • Does it take a long time for you to fall in sleep?
  • Are you suffering from back, neck or any body pains?
  • Are you suffering from fevers, allergies, migraine, insomnia, etc. frequently?
  • Have your lifestyle changed from the time when you bought the mattress?
  • Are you feeling tired throughout the day?
  • Are you feeling sleepy throughout the day?

If you have answered “yes” to even one of the questions above, it is time to change your mattress.

Read on to find out why we say so.

Your good health depends on a lot of things. One of them is having a good amount of sleep at night.

which mattress is good

We need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night to remain healthy. Our body needs that rest, so that it may function properly.

But the fact is that many of us are sleep-deprived. 

Not getting sufficient sleep at night leads to stress. And stress can lead to many complications like diabetes, hypertension, stomach troubles, mood-swings, depression, etc. All these will affect not only our health but also our lifestyle, work and relationships.

Many of us think that we can “make-up” the sleep-time at night by sleeping in the day.

But that is a wrong approach.

We need to sleep 7 – 8 hours at a stretch at night so that our body and mind gets proper rest.

That is how our biological clock works.

And getting a proper sleep at night depends a lot on your mattress.

If your sleeping mattress is not comfortable, you just cannot have a deep sleep.

As a result, you will have a disturbed sleep, pains in your body joints and feel tired throughout the day, leading to all the health complications as above.

Note - (a) 7 to 8 hours of deep sleep at night is necessary for your good health. (b) Having a deep sleep depends on your mattress.

What is a bad mattress?

which mattress is good

Look closely at your present mattress.

Are you seeing any of these signs as below?

  • Sagging in the middle.
  • Uneven surface.
  • No bounce.
  • Feeling very hard or firm when pressed.
  • Sounds when tossing, turning and applying pressure.
  • Dirty.
  • Torn.
  • Bad smell.
  • Bed bugs.

If you have found any of the signs as above, you are sleeping on a “bad” mattress.

If a mattress is used over a long time, it is bound to worn out, like everything else.

As a rule of thumb, a mattress will last on an average of 10 years, if maintained well.

Life of a coir mattress is the shortest – just about 5 years. Other mattresses like spring and foam lasts a bit longer. The most durable are the latex mattresses.

So you should change your mattress after it is “dead”.

Change your mattress keeping in mind the type of the mattress.

That is, consider changing a coir mattress if it is over 5 years old.

If your spring or foam mattress is over 10 years old, look for the signs as above.

If you are using a latex mattress and it is over 15 years old, see whether it needs to be changed or not.

What is a good mattress?

A “good” mattress is the one which is comfortable to sleep on. Some people like to sleep on a firmer mattress, some on soft mattress and some like to have a spring-feeling in their mattresses.

So the comfort of a mattress is dependent on personal preference.

So if someone likes a soft mattress but buys a spring mattress, it will not be comfortable to him or her. In such a case, even if the spring mattress is of good quality, it is a “bad” mattress for that person.

Apart from this there are other factors too which you should keep in mind while hunting for a good mattress.

These are explained at the end of the article.

Note : Change your mattress at least once in 10 years.

Which mattress is good for health?

Although you can buy any mattress that you like to sleep on, your number one concern should be buying that mattress which do not cause any health problems.

For buying a mattress which is good for your health look for these features:

  • Medium-firm comfort.
  • Good material quality.
  • Good build quality.

1. Medium – firm Comfort: A mattress with a medium-firm comfort is widely recommended by orthopaedic doctors. A medium-firm comfort level provides a good support to the spine. Chance of having back pains are lower when the spine remains straight when sleeping.

which is the good mattress

2. Good Material Quality: The material quality of the mattress should be very good too.

By materials we mean both the primary material of the mattress like coir, spring, foam and latex and the secondary materials like the fabric and additional materials used in other layers of the mattress.

Most of the mattresses use an additional layer of foam on the top and the base of the mattress for comfort and support. These layers are often not made of good quality of foam. You should keep an eye on these layers too.

3. Good Build Quality: A good build quality of a mattress depends on the layers of the mattress and craftsmanship. If a mattress have a lot of layers, craftsmanship should be good too.

As a rule of thumb, you may buy a mattress of minimum 6 inches thickness, so that it lasts long.

Now, a common question that can arise in your mind is that – how to check all these?

There are two ways to check it:

  • Third-party certifications of the mattress.
  • Reviews and comparisons from independent sites like matxprt.com.

Please do not buy a mattress based just on your budget or as recommended by a shopkeeper or friends.

Note : Orthopaedic doctors recommend to use a medium-firm mattress.

Which type of mattress is good for health?

We have a wide choice of mattresses in the market. There are many brands and various types of mattresses out there.

It is actually good for you. Now you have a wide choice of products available than 10 years back.

One thing that you should always keep in mind when buying a mattress is – you may not get all the varieties and brands in a local shop.

When buying a mattress buy it from an online store.

Now let us take a look at the different types of mattresses pros and cons.

which mattress is good

1. Coir Mattress: A coir mattress is a good choice if you want to buy a mattress which is good for your health.

A coir mattress is made from coconut fibre. Being a natural product, it does not cause any health problems.

A coir mattress is sometimes referred to as rubberized coir mattress.

It may be because there is a mixture of latex and coir in the mattress.

Or it may simply refer to the natural amount of small spring effect in the coirs.

However, a coir mattress do not last very long.

A coir mattress is also generally firm in comfort.

An orthopaedic doctor recommends to use a medium-firm mattress, remember?

which mattress is good

2. Spring Mattress: A spring mattress is a bad choice if you are concerned about your health.

There are two types of spring mattresses available in the market – bonnell spring mattress and pocket spring mattress.

A bonnell spring mattress is a traditional spring mattress in which all the springs move together when pressure is applied.

They are cheap spring mattresses.

In a pocket spring mattress springs move individually when pressure is applied.

The primary benefit of using a pocket spring mattress is that it do not cause any disturbance to the other person when one tosses and turns.

Besides this a spring mattress is mainly used for comfort. It is suitable for those people who likes comfort more than anything else.

A spring mattress do not have any benefit for the spine.

However, a spring mattress do not cause any allergies, asthma and other such health issues.

A spring mattress generally is neither firm, nor medium-firm and not soft either. It is basically springy. That’s all about it.

which mattress is good

3. Foam Mattress: Foam mattresses are generally of three types – polyurethane foam mattress, memory foam mattress and bonded foam mattress.

All three types of foam mattresses are made from carbon compounds. Hence all foam mattresses are synthetic in nature.

As such a foam mattress can cause health problems to some people suffering from allergies, asthma and other similar diseases.

However a memory foam mattress, which is made by further processing of polyurethane foam, is good for body support.

Memory foam is developed by NASA for their astronauts. 

A memory foam mattress reduce pressure from the joints of the body when sleeping.

A memory foam mattress moulds to the curves of the body thereby giving a good support.

A polyurethane foam mattress , however, should never be used as a healthy mattress. It is generally soft in comfort.

A memory foam mattress may be used for it’s pressure relieving properties. A memory foam is generally of medium-firm comfort.

A bonded foam, on the other hand, is made by applying tremendous pressure to foam scraps, making it a hard substance.

It is commonly used in the base of a mattress to keep the mattress from sagging.

which mattress is good

4. Latex Mattress: A latex mattress is the best type of mattress if you are concerned about your health.

Latex is derived from the sap of the rubber tree. Hence it is a natural product.

A latex mattress is mostly of medium-firm comfort.

A latex mattress gives an excellent support to the body and maintains proper spine alignment.

The most remarkable feature of a latex mattress is that, it rarely needs any secondary material for additional support and comfort.

So, if you buy a pure 100% latex mattress, you will get all the features of a “healthy” mattress.

However, a latex mattress can be costly. So keep an eye on that.

Note : Latex mattress is best for health.

How to choose a good mattress?

For choosing a good mattress which is good for your health, you need to consider these:

  1. Comfort
  2. Cost
  3. Customer Support

Let us understand more about these one-by-one.

1. Comfort: You should match between the comfort you desire and the comfort recommended by an orthopaedic doctor.

As most orthopaedic doctors recommend to use a mattress with medium-firm comfort, the mattress type should be either memory foam or latex.

Coir mattresses and spring mattresses generally do not have a medium-firm comfort level.

So, if you like a mattress to be on the softer side, then you should buy a memory foam mattress.

But remember that a memory foam mattress may cause minor health problem for some people. So buy a memory foam mattress which has a CERTIPUR-US certification only.

If price is not an issue, then you should buy a latex mattress.

A latex mattress is of medium-firm comfort. And it is a natural product too. It will not cause any health problem for you.

2. Cost: A mattress is a one-time investment in about 10 years.  Hence, you should not buy a cheap mattress and compromise with your health.

Cheaper mattresses are generally made of cheap materials. They will neither last long nor give you optimum benefit.

You can opt to pay in EMI (Equal Monthly Installments) if you are on a budget.

But never compromise on a mattress or on your health.

3. Customer Support: Name and fame is not everything in this game.

There are many new mattress companies who are eager to serve their customers compared to other established players in the market.

Do not reject a company based on how long it is in the market. Read the reviews, do the comparisons and then decide which one is best for you.

This is a competitive market and the customer is the king. So there will be no chance to win for a company who does not care about it’s customers.

Note : Buying a good mattress depends on comfort, cost and customer support.


It is better to sleep on a medium-firm mattress.

Latex mattress is the number one choice when buying a mattress with only health in mind. A memory foam mattress can be bought too provided it has a CERTIPUR-US certification.

When buying a mattress consider the 3-Cs. The 3-Cs are – Comfort, Cost and Customer Support. For details please see above.

A memory foam mattress is definitely better than either a bonnell spring mattress or a pocket spring mattress.

The reason for this is because, a memory foam mattress can provide a better support to the pressure points in the body, especially the spine, which reduces back pain.

A spring mattress, whether a bonnell spring mattress or a pocket spring mattress, cannot provide the same support to the body.

A polyurethane foam or a bonded foam is just used as a comfort and a support layer to the mattress.Hence they are not considered here.

Yes it can. A spring mattress is more suitable for young people. Older people should avoid using a spring mattress. Or if someone has existing back pain problems, they should not use a spring mattress.

Best mattress brands in India

With hundreds of mattress brands in the market, it is easy to get confused as to which one is the best.

There are old players like Kurl-on and Sleepwell to newer ones like Wakefit and Dreamzee.

But which brands are good for our health?

We now know that only latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses are the best types of mattress for our health.

So here is a brief list of the best mattress brands in India at the moment for latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses:

Latex Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

Read the reviews of the latex mattresses here.

To read about the memory foam mattresses click here

3 secrets to comfort

If you are buying a mattress the two topmost things you should consider are your health and comfort.

We have written exhaustively on health above. We touched briefly on the comfort-factor while choosing a good mattress too.

Now we will see what makes a mattress both healthy and comfortable.

We know that a latex mattress and a memory foam mattress are the best mattress for back pain and general health.

But why?

It is because a latex mattresses and a memory foam mattresses provides the medium-firm comfort. That helps to keep our spine aligned properly during sleep. And that reduces body pains and back aches.

A latex mattress is even more healthier than a memory foam mattress because it is a natural product.

Beside being good for our health,  latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses are also very comfortable.

But why?

Because most latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses have:

  1. Good materials.
  2. The top layer, that is the comfort layer, has the right amount of softness.
  3. The fabric or the outer cover of these mattresses are generally luxurious.

Those are the 3 secrets to a comfortable mattress.

For comfort those are the only features that you need.

Remember it is not just health that should be taken into consideration while buying a mattress. The comfort of the mattress is equally important too.

If a mattress is not comfortable, you will not get a comfortable sleep.

And if you do not get the right amount of sleep everyday, it will affect your health.

So, you see, both health and comfort goes hand-in-hand.

And a latex mattress or a memory foam mattress is the best match for both.

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Table of Contents

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