How To Identify Original Kurlon Mattress? (1 Easy Test)

If you are worried about how to identify original Kurlon mattress, then this article is for you. So, keep on reading.

How to identify original Kurlon mattress?

You can distinguish between an original and fake Kurl-on mattress easily by registering the warranty of the product on either the company’s website or by calling their customer care number. Keep the warranty registration number and the purchase invoice ready when contacting them. If the warranty is validated it’s original.

Now let’s see what precautions you need to take when buying a Kurl-on mattress.

Where to buy an original Kurl-On mattress

You can buy an original Kurl-on mattress at any of their local stores across the country.

You can buy a Kurlon mattress online either from their own website or an online marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Whether buying a mattress online or offline, ensure that you get a warranty card along with it.

Unpacking the mattress

On receiving the Kurl-on mattress, first, check that you got what you had ordered.

Now, look for the warranty card, usually located inside the plastic cover used to pack the mattress.

On the warranty card, find the Serial Number of the mattress.

Next, you need to register the mattress for validating the warranty of the product, which is described below.

Warranty Registration

You can register the mattress’s warranty by either visiting the warranty registration page or contacting their customer support number at 1800-425-0404.

Please keep the Serial Number and the purchase invoice handy when registering the warranty.

Only an original Kurl-on mattress will be registered successfully.

But, what to do, in case you have bought a fake one?

What to do if you have bought a fake Kurl-on mattress?

If you have bought a fake Kurl-on mattress, then contact the customer care number of the company as above or email them immediately along with the proof of your purchase.

Bonus Tip: When unpacking the mattress record a video on your mobile. This will help to make a stronger case in case there is a dispute later.

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