Which Is Better Duroflex Or Sleepwell? (5 Vital Tests)

Are you confused as to which is better Duroflex or Sleepwell? Well, I have compared them both. Here is my detailed analysis and recommendation. So, keep reading.

Which is better Duroflex or Sleepwell?

Duroflex is better than Sleepwell as far as orthopedic mattresses are concerned. Duroflex uses proprietary material and memory foam whereas Sleepwell uses proprietary foam and springs. For orthopedic benefits, memory foam is a better option than spring. Moreover, Duroflex orthopedic mattresses are certified, whereas Sleepwell is not.

1. Brand value

Is Durolfex an Indian brand?

Yes, Duroflex is an Indian brand of Duroflex Private Limited Company founded in 1963.

It is based in Bengaluru.

It has around 1500 employees, 5 factories, 3000 dealers, 500 stores, and 10 exclusive outlets across the country.

The company also launched the popular online mattress brand Sleepyhead in 2017.

Sleepwell is also a well-known mattress brand of Sheela Foam Limited Company, founded in 1971.

They have over 10 manufacturing units and around 4000 dealers across the country.

They also have an eCommerce brand called SleepX, launched in 2019.

Duroflex has a market share of 16 – 17%. (Source: Economic Times

Sleepwell has a market share of 25%. (Source: ICICI Direct)

2. Quality of materials

Sleepwell is a major player in the foam mattress segment.

Their mattresses are made of proprietary foams such as Quiltec, Impressions, Nexa, Cellergise, Resitec, and Air-O-Fresh.

Apart from using these foams, they use pocket springs and latex in their mattresses too.

Duroflex uses PU foam, memory foam, coir, pocket spring, and latex in their mattresses.

Most of their mattresses are made as a combination of these primary materials.

3. Firmness and Comfort

Sleepwell has different innovative comfort levels for their mattresses such as Pro comfort, Spa comfort, Ortho comfort, Hotel comfort, and Celebrity comfort.

The Pro comfort range has 3 mattresses having a firm and medium-firm comfort.

They are made of either only PU foam or a combination of PU foam and pocket springs.

The Spa comfort range has 7 mattresses having a firm and medium-firm comfort.

They are made of proprietary foams such as Quiltec, Resitec, and Air-O-Fresh.

The 9 Ortho comfort mattresses are made of their proprietary foams which are Quiltec, Resitec, Air-O-Fresh, and Impressions along with Rebonded foam, Bonnell springs, and pocket springs

All of them have medium-firm comfort.

Duroflex has 3 different firmness levels for their mattresses – firm, medium-firm and soft.

There are 4 firm mattresses made of PU foam, bonded foam, coir, and latex.

There are 14 medium-firm mattresses made of PU foam, memory foam, bonded foam, coir, pocket spring, and latex.

There are 3 soft mattresses made of Bonnell spring and latex.

4. Orthopedic support

The orthopedic layer of the Sleepwell mattresses is made of their proprietary Resitec foam.

Resitec foam is a resilient foam or a responsive foam, that provides support to the pressure points of the body.

They also use profiled PU foam, which is ergonomically designed for providing support.

They also use Bonnell springs as an ‘orthopedic solution’ and pocket springs as “enhanced pressure relief’.

The orthopedic mattresses of Duroflex are named ‘Duropedic’.

These mattresses have a layer they call the ‘5-zone orthopedic support layer’, which is made of their own proprietary material.

They also use memory foam as an orthopedic layer in the Duropedic mattresses.

5. Certifications

The Duropedic mattresses from Duroflex are ‘tested and trusted by the experts at National Health Academy’.

They also use GOLS-certified latex foam for their latex mattresses.

All Sleepwell mattresses are treated with their proprietary Neem Fresche technology for protection against dust mites, allergies, and breathing disorders.

They are certified by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Our view

If you analyze the above information you can easily see that –

  • Both Duroflex and Sleepwell are old mattress brands in the country.
  • Sleepwell uses proprietary materials whereas Durolfex uses standard materials. 
  • The comfort levels named by Sleepwell are more marketing-oriented, whereas Duroflex is more user-oriented.
  • Sleepwell uses its proprietary foam, Bonnell springs, and pocket springs for its orthopedic mattresses whereas Durolfex uses a proprietary material and memory foam for its orthopedic mattresses.
  • Sleepwell has 1 certification only, which is for its anti-allergy and anti-mite treatments. Duroflex has 2 certifications for the quality of materials used for their orthopedic mattresses and latex mattresses.

Is Duroflex mattress good?

Well, I will definitely choose Duroflex over Sleepwell if I am buying an orthopedic mattress because I don’t want an orthopedic mattress made of springs.

Springs are bouncy by nature.

We don’t want to bounce if we have a health issue right?

And Duroflex has certifications for their orthopedic mattresses too which is more reassuring for me.

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