kurlon mattress review

Kurlon Mattress Review With Price – Is It The Best Of All Brands In India?

Last Updated On July 21, 2022

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India’s mattress industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% from 2022 to 2025. [Source: business.mapsofindia.com ]

Old traditional mattress companies like Kurl-on and Sleepwell are still the leading mattress sellers in India. [Source: Indian Sleep Products Federation]

However, there are also many new D2C brands whose sales figures skyrocketed during the recent pandemic.

Yet, the old ones have managed to hold their places even during the tough times and competition.

What’s their secret?

Are the mattresses of these old companies still attracting new-age consumers?

That’s what we are going to find out in this Kurlon mattress review.

If you are in doubt, about whether to buy a Kurl-on mattress, read this review in full.

Or else, you may lose your hard-earned money.

Kurlon Mattress Review

This article is not about which is the best mattress Sleepwell or Kurlon.

This is about Kurl-on mattresses only.

Kurl-on was established in the year 1962 under the name Karnataka Consumer Products Limited.

The name of the company was changed to Kurl-on Limited in 1995.

Later in the year 2011, Kurlon Enterprise Limited was formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kurl-on Limited.

The mattress, foam, and furniture division is now handled by Kurlon Enterprise Limited.

The company has 12 manufacturing units, 4 regional warehouses, and 70 branch outlets.

The company also enjoys a 35% – 40% market share in the mattress industry.

It manufactures a wide range of mattresses including coir, foam, and spring.

In order to understand the secret of surviving under tough conditions, I will be focusing directly on their products and try to see whether they are good for you.

I have already selected three of their top mattresses for you.

If you have been searching for a Kurlon orthopedic mattress review, then read about the Kurl-On Spinekare mattress.

I have also selected two of their best spring mattresses for you too.

So let’s get started.

Best Overall

Kurl-On Angelica Mattress

Read Our Review
  • Memory Foam
  • Pocket Spring
  • 10 years warranty
Best for Body Support

Kurl-On Spinekare Mattress

Read Our Review
  • Memory Foam
  • Coir
Best for Heavy People

Kurl-On Dream Sleep Mattress

Read Our Review
  • PU Foam
  • Bonnell Spring

1. Kurlon Angelica Mattress Review

Kurlon Angelica Mattress


1. Top MaterialMemory Foam
2. Secondary MaterialPocket Spring
3. FabricPolycotton
4. ComfortSoft
5. SizeQueen
6. Thickness6 inches
7. ReversibleNo
8. ColourMulticolor
9. Warranty10 years

If you thought that Kurl-on manufactures only coir mattresses, then this Kurlon Angelica box top mattress review will make you think otherwise.

Angelica is a pocket spring mattress from Kurl-on.

Pocket springs are individual springs, which are kept in fabric pockets and sewn together.

As the springs are independent of each other, pressure on one of the springs does not affect the other ones.

So, pressure on one side of a pocket spring mattress is not felt on the other side.

Kurl-on calls this MSI technology. MSI stands for Motion Separation Index.

The top of the Angelica mattress has memory foam.

As you know already, memory foam is made from PU foam, but unlike pure PU foam, it is tougher and more bouncy.

So, the memory foam adapts to the body’s curves and provides soft support.

While the pocket springs at the bottom of the mattress provide strong support to the body.

At the same time, pocket springs ensure that you or the other person sleeping on the mattress is not disturbed by each other’s movements.

The bottom of the mattress is quilted with PU foam.

This is a Queen sized mattress with 6 inches thickness.

And it has 10 years warranty.


  • Memory foam on top
  • Pocket spring
  • 6 inches thick
  • 10 years warranty


  • None

Our View

The Kurl-on Angelica mattress is a well-built pocket spring mattress with the goodness of memory foam. You or the other person will not get disturbed by each other’s movements. Go for it!

2. Kurlon Spinekare Mattress Review

Kurlon Spinekare Mattress


1. Top MaterialMemory Foam
2. Secondary MaterialCoir
3. FabricFleece
4. ComfortSoft
5. SizeQueen
6. Thickness5 inches
7. ReversibleNo
8. ColourMulticolor
9. Warranty5 years

Is a Kurlon mattress good for back pain?

That’s a common question that everybody asks.

So, I decided to do a Kurlon Spinekare plus mattress review for you.

Even if you are looking for a Kurlon ortho mattress review or a Kurlon coir mattress review, this mattress is what you should be looking at.

The core of the Spinekare mattress is made of rubberized coir.

Above this is a layer of memory foam.

The top of the mattress is covered with quilted Fleece material.

And below the rubberized coir is a layer of bonded foam.

Memory foam is made from PU foam but has high viscosity and elasticity.

This means that it is harder than PU foam and is also bouncier.

So, the memory foam adapts to the curves of the body and provides soft support.

Coir is a natural material that provides medium support to the body.

The base layer of the mattress, which is made of bonded foam, is the hardest part of the mattress.

Bonded foam is made from small pieces of PU foam of various densities.

The pieces are crushed and bonded together by pressure, to form a hard substance.

Bonded foam is extensively used in mattresses to keep the mattress from sagging due to pressure.

All three materials in the Kurl-on Spinekare mattress help to keep the spine aligned in a straight manner, so that body pressure is easily relieved.

Hence, the Spinekare mattress is the best Kurlon mattress for back pain.

It has a soft comfort.

This is of Queen size and has 5 inches thickness.

The mattress comes with a 5 years warranty.


  • Memory foam for soft support
  • The coir for medium support
  • Bonded foam for strong support


  • 5 years warranty
  • High price

Our View

The mattress is highly-priced. But if you want a good orthopedic mattress, then this is it.

3. Kurlon Dream Sleep Mattress Review

Kurlon Dream Sleep Mattress


1. Top MaterialPU Foam
2. Secondary MaterialBonnell Spring
3. FabricPolycotton
4. ComfortMedium
5. SizeQueen
6. Thickness6 inches
7. ReversibleNo
8. ColourMulticolor
9. Warranty5 years

The core material of the Kurl-on Dream Sleep mattress is the Bonnell spring.

Bonnell springs are springs that are interconnected with each other through wires.

It is used to handle large body weights.

So people with excessive weight should choose Bonnell spring mattresses.

They also give good support to the body.

The Kurl-on Dream Sleep mattress has high tensile Bonnel springs in the middle.

It has a layer of PU foam on the top.

As PU foam is soft, it provides soft comfort.

The mattress is quilted on both sides.

It is a Kurlon top sleep mattress and is also the Kurlon best-selling mattress.


  • Medium comfort
  • 6 inches thick
  • Low price


  • 5 years warranty

Our View

If you or your partner have high body weight, you should buy this one.


Is Kurlon a good brand?

Yes. Kurlon is a good brand. It is a public company.

Which brand is better Kurlon or Sleepwell?

It is difficult to say which one is better but both Kurlon and Sleepwell are good brands.

Is Kurlon better than Duroflex?

It is difficult to say whether Kurlon is better than Duroflex. Both Kurlon and Duroflex have a wide range of mattresses. And both Kurl-on and Duroflex have their own share of good bed mattresses.

Is Kurlon better than Peps?

It is difficult to say whether Kurlon is better than Peps. Both Kurl-on and Peps have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Is the Kurlon mattress good for back pain?

Yes. Kurlon mattresses are good for back pain.

What is the life of the Kurlon mattress?

The life of a Kurlon mattress depends on the material it is made of. It also depends on how well it is maintained.

Is the Kurlon mattress good?

Yes. Kurlon mattresses are good.

Which Kurlon mattress is best?

The best Kurlon mattress is Angelica.


Recently we have seen that the Kurlon mattress rating at most of the online marketplaces has gone down.

As most of their mattresses are not in stock at online marketplaces, it may have triggered a negative outlook for the company.

Also, the fact that many brands have opened shops on Amazon and other online marketplaces, may have impacted the general outlook of Kurl-on.

However, if I search online for the best mattress Kurlon Sleepwell and a few other companies always come up first.

So, I believe that the Kurl-on brand is still one of the top mattress brands in India.

As such I decided to do a review of the Kurlon mattress here.

I believe that Kurl-on is continuously innovating and bringing out very good products.

That is their secret to staying around for so long.

But they need to pay more attention to online stocks and see that they are easily available.

So, which is the best Kurlon mattress?

Well, if you were searching for a Kurlon rubberized coir mattress review or a Kurlon pure coir mattress review on Google, then the Kurlon Spine Care mattress review is for you.

In the Kurlon Spinekare memory foam mattress review, you have seen how Kurl-on has combined both coir and memory foam to develop a very good orthopedic mattress.

I have also done the Kurlon spring mattress review with two of their very best spring mattresses – Angelica and Dream Sleep.

The Dream Sleep mattress in the Kurlon Bonnell spring mattress review is one of the best Bonell spring mattresses around.

The Bonnell springs have a high tensile strength to handle large pressure.

And in the Kurlon pocket spring mattress review, we have seen how the Angelica mattress is developed with both spring technology and memory foam.

According to me the best Kurlon mattress in India is Angelica.

So, if you were searching for the Kurlon mattress best model, you can buy Angelica.

This Kurl-on top sleep mattress price is around INR 30000/- at the time of writing this best Kurlon mattress review.

But you can click any of the buttons above and find the current Kurlon mattress’s best price.

I believe that with this Kurlon mattress review India can now sleep better.

Written by Umesh Tiwari

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