Best Springwel Mattresses For 2023

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Springwel is a well-known mattress brand, pioneering spring mattresses in India.

The company was incorporated in 1996.

Although the net worth of the company has increased by 9.27% during the FY 2020-2021, its earnings have decreased by 31.71%. [Source: Tofler]

Does that mean that their springwel mattresses are not appealing to the masses anymore?

I looked at their products and found the best one for you.

Keep reading.

Budget Pick

Springwel Endura mattress
PU foam
Quilt Fabric
4″ thickness
2 years warranty

The Springwel Endura is a PU foam mattress.

You can use it on both sides.

It has a chain-stiched quilt fabric.

What We Like About It:

  • If you want a budget mattress, then Springwel Endura is perfect for you.
  • We like both the foam and the fabric.
  • We also like the color.
  • The 2 years warranty is a cherry on top as it’s a value-for-money mattress.

How to buy Springwel mattresses?

Before you go ahead and buy a Springwel mattress you should know the background of the company.

Springwel was founded by Paramjeet Singh, who had a family business making concrete electrical poles.

He introduced spring mattresses in India when the market was dominated by cotton and coir mattresses.

Singh undertook various consumer awareness campaigns to educate consumers of the benefit of spring mattresses.

Soon, people started realizing the benefit of spring and foam mattresses over coir and cotton.

But I have not suggested buying a spring mattress from Springwel in this article, right?

The reason for that is not because their spring mattresses are inferior, but they are mostly out of stock.

I suggest buying products which are easily available, so that you can be assured of quality and service.

How did we do our research?

I was looking for a good spring mattress when I came across Springwel mattresses.

But I found that their spring mattresses are mostly out of stock at the time of writing this article.

But as I got good feedback about their products, I started looking for a mattress that stood the test of time.

Springwel Endura has stood the test of time and is easily available.

I personally tested the mattress at a friend’s place.

The mattress has a medium soft feel.

It is a low-maintenance product.

And most importantly, it is cheap.

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