Best SleepX Mattress For 2023

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Sheela Foam Limited, the company behind the popular mattress brand “Sleepwell”, launched the SleepX Mattress brand in 2019.

The company started selling SleepX mattresses exclusively on Amazon and Flipkart in India.

Although the company already had an established brand, what was the reason behind launching another one?

With the rising trend of online shopping in India, it seems that the company is now focusing on GenX. 

The company is banking on the hectic sleep patterns of the young generation in India for this brand’s success.

With their colorful looks and low prices, the SleepX range has tried to catch the attention of the young crowd.

But are these even worth buying?

Are they as good as Sleepwell?

Keep reading to know more.

SleepX Mattress Reviews

Top Pick

SleepX Ortho Plus mattress
Memory Foam
High-Resilience Foam
8″ thickness
10 years warranty

SleepX Ortho Plus has memory foam on top and high-resilience foam at the base.

It is made of memory foam on the top and high-resilience foam at the base.

The memory foam is responsive to body support.

And the high-resilience foam provides firm support to the body.

The fabric has air mesh for air circulation.

The mattress has 10 years warranty.

What We Like About It:

  • We like SleepX Ortho Plus for its material quality. It has excellent foams and fabric.
  • We like the comfort of the mattress, which is firm. It is good for your back.
  • We also like the purple color, which makes the mattress look beautiful.
  • A foam mattress with a 10 years warranty is just awesome.

Best Value

SleepX Dual Comfort mattress
High-Resilience Foam
High-Density Foam
Hard & Medium-soft
Softech Quiltech Foam
6″ thickness
7 years warranty

The SleepX Dual Comfort mattress is the best-selling mattress from the house of Sleepwell.

It has PU foam on top, which is of high resilience.

High-resilience foam is more responsive than memory foam.

More responsiveness means that if you lie on it, you will not get a sinking feeling.

Hence, it gives medium-soft support.

Below this, the mattress has high-density hard foam.

It provides firm support to the body.

Some people like to sleep on a soft surface and others like a hard surface to sleep on.

This mattress provides both choices on each side.

The mattress can be used on both sides.

It is covered with a knitted fabric.

It is also chemically treated to protect against germs, bacteria, and dust mites.

This is a double-sized mattress with a 6 ” thickness.

And it comes with a 7 years warranty.

What We Like About It:

  • We like the SleepX Dual Comfort mattress because it suits everybody irrespective of age.
  • We like the fact that it is a low-maintenance product.
  • We also like the trendy color of the mattress.
  • We also like the warranty of 7 years, which is great for foam mattresses.

Why you should buy a SleepX Mattress?

Let is know a bit about the background of SleepX mattress.

SleepX is a brand of Sheela Foam Limited, the same company that manufactures Sleepwell mattressses.

The company was founded by Sheela Gautam in 1971.

They have 11 manufacturing units in the country.

It has a pan-India distribution network of 110 distributors, 2750 retail dealers, and over 3500 multi-brand outlets.

It enjoys a market share of 23% in India. [Source: Business Standard]

The company is a leading company in India for foam mattresses.

SleepX is their e-commerce brand.

Being an online brand, the advantage of SleepX is that, the products are delivered directly to you, bypassing the middlemen.

That is why they cost much less than the Sleepwell brand.

How we made the choices?

Sleepwell is an old and reputed mattress company.

Many of my friends and relatives are using Sleepwell mattresses for years.

So, it was easy for me to get feedback about Sleepwell mattresses.

But as SleepX is an online brand, it is not available in local shops.

I got a chance to test one of the SleepX mattresses at a friend’s place.

Apart from his feedback, I also analyzed the feedback from other users on various online platforms.

I zeroed in on these two mattresses from all these experiences.

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