Pocket Spring Mattress Review – 3 Amazing Products of 2019.

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This Pocket Spring Mattress Review is about 3 amazing pocket spring mattresses in India for 2019. These mattresses has passed all our tests for comfort, cost and customer support. Read on to find out why we have chosen them.


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Boston Pocket Spring Mattress

Boston is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. It is based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It was setup in 1942. The company has an impressive client list of prestigious hotels like Hyatt Regency, Novotel, Park Plaza, Radisson, etc.

Boston Pocket Spring Mattress is made of pocket springs and High Resilience foam. The top of the mattress is covered by a quilted cover. The top of the mattress has 1 inch of foam for comfort.


  • Medium Soft Comfort
  • 38 Different Sizes
  • 6 inch Thickness
  • Available In 2 Colours


  • 1 Year Warranty

What We Like Best

  • Material
  • Build Quality
  • Thickness
  • Available Sizes
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BlissRest Pocket Spring Mattress

BlissRest is based in New Delhi. It is relatively a new company. Their customers seems to be very satisfied with the quality of their products.

The colour of the cover in the BlissRest Pocket Spring mattress is grey. So the chances of the mattress becoming dirty soon is less. It is also 8 inches thick; thickest of all three mattresses reviewed here. And last but not the least, the BlissRest mattress can be used on both sides. So as you can see, this mattress has excellent features.


  • 21 Readymade Sizes
  • 8 Inch Thickness
  • Dark Grey Colour
  • Good Comfort
  • 5 Years Warranty


  • Only 1 colour

What We Like Best

  • Build Quality
  • Colour
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SleepSpa Pocket Spring Mattress

The last but not the least in our list of the Best Pocket Spring Mattress of 2019 is the SleepSpa Pocket Spring Mattress. SleepSpa is a sub-brand of Coirfit, a reputed mattress company. The company is based in Ghaziabad.

The SleepSpa Pocket Spring mattress has a PU foam quilt cover on the top for soft comfort. The mattress is 6 inches thick.


  • Medium Firm Comfort
  • Good Build Quality
  • 5 Certifications
  • 7 Years Warranty


  • High Price
  • Only One Readymade Size At The Moment

What We Like Best

  • Material
  • Comfort
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buyer's guide to a good spring mattress

Spring mattress are of two types – Bonnell Spring mattress and Pocket Spring mattress.

In a bonnell spring mattress springs are all attached together. So if pressure is applied on one side of the mattress, it is felt on the other side.

In a pocket spring mattress springs are arranged in individual pockets. The pockets are then stitched together. Hence pressure on one side of the mattress is not felt on the other side.

A good pocket spring mattress should have the following:

Good material quality

The first thing that should be seen in a pocket spring mattress is whether pressure on one side of the mattress is felt on the other side of the mattress. If yes, the quality of the pocket springs are not good.

Comfort foam

The foam on the top is the comfort foam of the mattress. More dense the foam, more is the comfort.

The Springwell Premium Collection mattress is an example of a very comfortable pocket spring mattress. 

Support foam

There may be a support foam below the comfort layer which can make the mattress more comfortable. But it is optional.


In a pocket spring mattress the springs are assembled in individual pockets. The pockets are then stitched together.

A pocket spring mattress ensures zero-partner disturbance. Pressure on one side of the mattress is not felt on the other side of the mattress. A pocket spring mattress also reduces constant turning and tossing in sleep. So, yes, pocket spring mattresses are good.

A pocket spring mattress do not generally mould to the contours of the body.

A spring mattress provides a spring effect to the body. Some people like that when sleeping. A spring mattress is also well ventilated. It does not heat-up. A foam mattress adapts to the body contours. It provides good support to the body parts. A foam mattress relies on body heat. So it really depends on an individual what he/she likes.

The best type of mattress is the one you feel comfortable sleeping. Some people like bounce, some like it soft and others like to sleep on firm surface. As long as the mattress is comfortable to sleep on and you are not feeling any pain or aches, it is a good one for you.


We have listed 3 best pocket spring mattress of 2019 in this Pocket Spring mattress review.

All three of them are good and your purchase of any one of them will be a wise choice.

However the Boston Pocket Spring mattress is the best one among the three pocket spring mattresses.

The price of the Boston pocket spring mattress is also very low compared to it’s quality.

It shows that a good pocket spring mattress need not cost high. An example is the Peps Restonic mattress, whose prices were too high than it should be.

If you are looking to buy a good pocket spring mattress that gives more value for money, then buy the Boston Pocket Spring mattress.

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Table of Contents

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