Kurlon Memory Foam Mattress Review – Comfort For A High Price

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Kurlon has come out with a memory foam mattress named “Mermaid”. Kurlon is a widely recognized brand in the mattress industry. The company has a long history of manufacturing coir mattresses. So how is the Mermaid mattress that they have brought to the market. We will try to find the answer in this Kurlon Memory Foam mattress review.












We Like

We Do Not Like

Kurlon Mermaid is a good memory foam mattress.

However the price of the Kurlon memory foam mattress is very high compared to other similar products in the market.

We suggest to look at other similar products in the market which are lower in price.

However prices change all the time. Click on the button below to check the current price.

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Kurlon Memory Foam Mattress Review In Full

Now let us focus on our Kurlon Mermaid mattress review in more detail.

Kurlon was launched in 1962 as Karnataka Consumer Products Limited.

The company headquarters is at Bangalore.

It has 9 assembling units in India.

Besides mattresses the company also manufactures and deals in pillows, furnitures and furnishings.

Kurlon is a widely recognized brand in the mattress industry. The company has years of experience in the market. The customer service of the company is also good.

The Kurlon Mermaid Memory Foam Mattress has memory foam at the top and re-bonded foam in the middle.

The side and bottom of the mattress is covered by PU foam.

The Kurlon Mermaid mattress is treated with anti-bed-bug, Kurlo-fresh, anti-dust-mite and anti-microbial technologies.

Which type of person should buy Kurlon Mermaid mattress?

As we have said earlier, the price of the Kurlon Klasssic mattress is very high.

So, the Kurlon Klassic mattress is for those people who wants to buy a coir mattress from a reputed brand and who do not care that this Kurlon Kurlopedic mattress price is high.

The Kurlon Klassic mattress is not for those people who would buy a coir mattress that has value for money.

What is inside the package

The package consist of the Kurlon Mermaid mattress and the warranty card. The mattress is delivered to your home at an extra delivery fee.

Kurlon Mermaid Mattress Features List


The reason why you should buy this Kurlon mattress is because it is medium-firm in comfort.

Orthopaedic doctors recommend to use a medium-firm mattress to avoid back pain.

However, the reason why you should not buy it, is because of the high price.

Please take a look at the alternatives available in the section below.

Is there a better Product

We do not write our reviews to only praise about products.

We have found that the Kurlon memory foam mattress price is considerably higher than other memory foam mattress India products.

Let us take a look at an alternative now.

You can buy the Wakefit Orthopaedic memory foam mattress if you are looking for a memory foam mattress that has good value for money.

It is not only cheaper than the Kurlon Mermaid mattress but the warranty period is 20 years.

Final decision whether to buy the Kurlon Mermaid mattress

Let us finally come to a conclusion in our Kurlon Memory Foam Mattress Review.

Should you buy it?

No, you should not.

We understand that Kurlon is a reputed brand in the market. But there are new brands which always tries to compete with the established brands with better products.

It is good for us – the consumers like you and me!

So, let us spend our hard-earned money wisely and buy the mattress which is better in terms of quality, price and warranty.

However, as prices changes all the time, you can check the latest price by clicking the button below.

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Table of Contents

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