Kurlon Klassic Mattress Review – An Unreasonably Priced Mattress.

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What surprised us when we decided to do the Kurlon Klassic mattress review is the price. We wondered whether such a high price justify the product? Here is what we found out in this Kurlon mattress review.












We Like

We Do Not Like

Kurlon Klassic mattress is a very costly mattress. The high price of this coir mattress do not justify it’s material quality.

Avoid buying the Kurlon Klassic mattress until the price comes down.

Check the current price.

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Kurlon Klassic Mattress Review Described in Full

Kurlon is a widely recognized brand in the Indian mattress industry. It was launched in 1962 and has years of experience.

Besides mattresses it assembles pillows, furnitures and furnishing in it’s 9 assembly units in the country.

The customers are generally happy with their products. They are also satisfied with their customer support.

Let us find out more about the Kurlon Klassic mattress in this Kurlon mattress review.

Kurlon Klassic mattress is made of rubberised coir and bonded foam.

The fabric is made of polycotton.

The stitching of the fabric is done in a quilt pattern. 

The company claims that it is anti-microbial, anti-bed-bug and anti-dust-mite proof.

The Kurlon coir mattress is built with the company’s own Kurlopedic technology, which simply means that the center of the mattress is more dense to give support to the body.

The coir fibres are arranged vertically to give a spring effect.

The comfort level of the Kurlon Klassic 6 inch mattress is firm.

Who is this mattress for?

As we have said earlier, the price of the Kurlon Klasssic mattress is very high.

So, the Kurlon Klassic mattress is for those people who wants to buy a coir mattress from a reputed brand and who do not care that this Kurlon Kurlopedic mattress price is high.

The Kurlon Klassic mattress is not for those people who would buy a coir mattress that has value for money.

The Package

The package consists of the Kurlon Klassic mattress and the warranty card.

The mattress is delivered at an extra charge to your home.

Features of the Kurl-on Klassic Mattress


The main advantage of the Kurlon Klassic mattress is the rubberised coir.

Although the Kurlon Klassic mattress is said to be a rubberised coir mattress, it does not have a good bounce.

A rubberised coir mattress means that the primary material should be made by a mix of coir and latex.

Such mattress should have a good bounce.

But this mattress does not have any bounce.

The Kurl-on Klassic mattress has polyurethane foam as the comfort layer and bonded foam at the bottom.

The disadvantage of a polyurethane foam is that it is a synthetic material.

The bonded foam acts only as a support layer to keep the mattress firm and in shape.

Better Alternatives

Considering the high price of the Kurlon Klassic mattress we are suggesting an alternative product for you.

If you are thinking of buying a coir mattress you may buy the Extra Sleep mattress.

It is cheaper than the Kurlon Klassic.

Final Decision

There was a time when coir mattresses meant only one brand – Kur-lon.

As time passed and more brands emerged in the market, the coir mattress Kurlon brand took a back seat.

As far as Kurlon Klassic mattress is concerned please do not buy such a highly priced mattress when there are cheaper alternatives are available. 

The customers of this Kurlon mattress are also not happy with the product quality. They complain of the mattress getting sagged quickly. Some customers have also developed back pain using it.

Kurlon Klassic mattress looks like a cheap product, and do not justify but the high price of this Kurlopedic mattress .

We do not want to recommend something which will not bring any satisfaction to you. Hence this Kurlon Klassic mattress review is a negative one.

But if you want to check the current price of Kurlon Klassic, click the button below.

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Table of Contents

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