Which Is The Best Mattress In India – 3 Tests To Take A Decision

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It is very difficult to answer the question – which is the best mattress in India? There are thousands of mattresses available in India and many of them are good. It actually depends on the need of the customer. The need of the customer depends on many things like health, size, budget, etc. In this article we have listed three best mattresses based on comfort, cost and customer support. All three of them are excellent mattresses that you can buy, whatever may be your need.

Which Is The Best Mattress In India?

The following 3 mattresses are the best mattresses that are suitable for any purpose. They are:

You can read a detailed review of each one of them here.

There are hundreds of mattresses available in India and it is quite difficult to decide which one is the best mattress in India. However we narrowed it down to just three so that you can easily decide on a single one that is best one for you.

In fact we have gone a little bit further and even chosen a single mattress which is indeed the best mattress in India for 2019.

Click the link above and read the article to find out which mattress is good.

Mattress Selection Tool

In this Mattress Buy Guide we will now tell you how to choose a good mattress. This are the 3 tests which will help you to decide which is the best mattress in India.

This is a benchmark which helps us to decide which is the best mattress.

Actually a good mattress in India is the one which you feel comfortable in sleeping. Period.

That is the best possible answer to this question. However, saying that, if you want a good mattress you need to follow some rules.

We call these a “3-C” test for a good mattress.

The 3-Cs are – Comfort, Cost and Customer Support.

For a perfect mattress, avoid those which are uneven or very hard or very soft. These mattresses will not be comfortable at all.

It is not about a spring or a foam or a coir mattress, but it’s about mattress firmness that matters the most. Hence if a mattress firmness is either too hard or too soft, you will not feel comfortable.

And if you do not feel comfortable you cannot have a good night’s sleep.

Every person has a different body type and the mattress must be suitable to that body type.

So while buying a mattress do try to lie on it first and find out whether it feels comfortable to you. Or else it can cause back-aches and pains.


Cost of a mattress is made up of various factors like the primary material, secondary materials, advertisement costs, other overhead costs and margin of the manufacturer. Add to this the margin of the wholeseller and retailers and the cost of the mattress can be huge.

It all depends how efficiently the company sources the raw materials and how they deliver it to you, the consumer.

If you buy a mattress online you can buy it directly from the manufacturer and avoid middlemen’s margin. You can also get other benefits customer support directly from the company. And as the mattress is shipped directly from the factory you will get an undamaged and fresh product.

So try to buy a mattress online to avoid unnecessary costs.

Customer Support

Customer support is important for any product. A warranty is no good if you do not get your issues resolved quickly and efficiently.

Do a research on the company first on your own before you buy it. You can do it online very easily.

The customer reviews available online is a good tool to take a final decision whether to buy the mattress or not.

Which Mattress Is Good?

That’s it. You only need to consider these three factors if you are wondering which is the best mattress in India.

Please note that our article is based on this 3C-tests. All the three mattresses – the Wakefit Orthopaedic mattress, Sleepyhead mattress and the Dreamzee mattress have passed the 3C-test.

We have scanned hundreds of mattresses in the market and have done all the hard work for you. Now click on the article, read the detailed review and select the best one to buy.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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  1. Even Godrej Interio Mattress looks good, I have used their Orthopedic Mattress also they have a 10 years of warranty. One of my friend got the mattress replaced free of cost after 7 years of use and that was really amazing.

    They have one physical store in Moraya Heights, Sukhkarta Colony, Kala Khadak, Opp . White Field Building, Shankar Kalat Nagar, Wakad, Pune, Maharashtra 411057.

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