Springwell vs Sleepwell mattress – Easy Win With 3 Points

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Both Springwel and Sleepwell mattresses are reputed companies. Springwel is known for it’s spring mattress technology while Sleepwell is known for it’s foam quality. However, this Springwell vs Sleepwell mattress test was an easy win for Sleepwell right from the beginning. Read on to find out more.


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The Springwell vs Sleepwell mattress Test

We always test a brand by it’s products.

In this Sleepwell vs Springwell comparison test between Springwel and Sleepwell we have taken two of their pocket spring mattresses – the Springwel Ecosoft mattress and the Sleepwell Esteem mattress.

This is the best way, according to us, to find out which brand is better.

Full Test

We will test the two mattresses on various aspects like material quality, comfort level, durability and others. It will be clear as to which one of the two brands is best after this test.

Let us begin.

Test 1


Springwel is a Private Limited company based in New Delhi. They claim to be the pioneer of spring mattress technology in India. The Springwel Ecosoft mattress has pocket springs in the middle. The top has a high resilience polyurethane foam layer. The pocket springs are made of steel. The springs are of good quality. However the polyurethane foam seemed to be too soft.


Sleepwell is an ISO 9001 certified company based in Ghaziabad. The Sleepwell Esteem Firmtec mattress has pocket springs in the middle. The pocket springs are covered by a firm layer of polyurethane foam. The top of the mattress has a pillow-top layer of memory foam. The quality of the pocket springs, the polyurethane foam and the memory foam are excellent.


WinnerSleepwell Esteem Firmtec mattress has better material quality than Springwel Ecosoft mattress.

Test 2


The Springwel Ecosoft mattress is too soft for a pocket spring mattress.


Sleepwell Esteem Firmtec feels quiet luxurious. The mattress feels firm yet soft on the top. It also shows good characteristics of a pocket spring mattress.



Sleepwell Esteem Firmtec mattress wins the comfort factor too.

Test 3


Springwel Ecosoft mattress comes in two thickness levels of 6 and 8 inches. It has 25 readymade sizes.


Sleepwell Esteem Firmtec mattress comes with 8 inch thickness and has only 5 readymade sizes.



Springwel Ecosoft mattress has a lot of size and thickness options.

Test 4


The Springwel Ecosoft mattress do not feel very durable at all. The softness is due to the poor quality of the polyurethane foam. So the mattress may sag quickly.


The build-quality of the Sleepwell Esteem Firmtec is solid. The mattress is quiet firm in the middle while the top of the mattress is soft.



The Sleepwell Esteem Firmtec mattress is more stronger than the Springwel Ecosoft mattress.

Test 5


The Springwel Ecosoft mattress has 5 years warranty.


The Springwel Ecosoft mattress has 5 years warranty too.



The score is a tie.

Test 6

Customer Support

Customers are not very satisfied with the support of the company. There are complains of product packaging and returns.


The Sleepwell customers are generally happy with the after-sales support of the company.



Sleepwell scores over Springwel again.

Test Result

Springwel Ecosoft Mattress
Average Score 45%
Sleepwell Esteem Firmtec Mattress
Average Score 77%

Sleepwell Esteem Firmtec mattress wins by a huge margin in our tests.

Now we are in a position to decide which of the two brands is better.

Springwell vs Sleepwell mattress Comparison

Springwell Mattress



Sleepwell Mattress



Which mattress is better, a Sleepwell or a Springwel?

We had written in the very beginning that it was an easy win for Sleepwell pocket spring mattress against Springwell mattresses.

So what are the 3 main points which made it possible for  Sleepwell spring mattresses to win?

These are:

  • Pillow Top with Memory Foam.
  • Build quality.
  • Customer Support

Sleepwell is a better choice than Springwel if you are considering to buy a pocket spring mattress.

But remember if you are looking to buy a best mattress then you should look at other companies too. 

And if you are looking to buy an orthopaedic mattress to avoid back pain then you can try memory foam mattresses too.

A pocket spring mattress should show the true characteristic of a pocket spring above everything else. So between Spring well and Sleepwell and as far as their pocket spring mattresses are concerned, Sleepwell Esteem Firmtec is a much better choice.

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Table of Contents

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  1. Purchased dura brand mattres in April,2021 .In period of one month ,it is sagging and supplier are not helping to resolve. They hv checked and say it is OK.They are dictating me instead of convincing.It is unethical sale.

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