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Springwel Mattress Review – Is it Best in India? Is It Better than Kurlon?

Last Updated On July 22, 2022

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Springwel is a well-known mattress brand, pioneering spring mattresses in India.

The company was incorporated in 1996.

Although the net worth of the company has increased by 9.27% during the FY 2020-2021, its earnings have decreased by 31.71%. [Source: Tofler]

Does that mean that their mattresses are not appealing to the masses anymore?

This Springwel mattress review will try to look at their products and find out if that is the case.

If you want to get the full view and really know whether Springwel mattresses are good for your sleep then read this review in full.

Springwel Mattress Review

Before I start, please note that this is not a comparison between Kurlon vs Springwell mattresses.

This is a review of the Springwel mattress company in India only.

Springwel was founded by Paramjeet Singh, who had a family business of making concrete electrical poles.

He started manufacturing spring mattresses in India when the industry was mainly dominated by coir mattresses.

Consumer awareness about spring mattresses was also very low.

And the few spring and foam mattresses that existed in the market were mainly supplied by the unorganized sector.

These were very costly too.

Springwel introduced spring mattresses at much lesser prices.

The product quality was superior too.

People in those days also had the view that only hard mattresses were good for providing back support.

Singh had to do a lot of marketing promotions to educate the consumers on the benefits of using softer mattresses.

Soon, people started switching over to spring and foam mattresses.

They also ditched the costly spring and foam mattresses from local sellers and started using Springwel mattresses.

His company made sales worth INR 4 Crores in the first year itself.

Over the years Springwel became a well-known brand throughout India for its high-quality product and low price.

Let’s now, find out about the two mattresses which I think are their best offerings.

Best Overall

Springwel Magic Mattress

Read Our Review
  • High Density PU Foam
  • Premium Fabric
  • Low Price
Best for Back Sleepers

Springwel Softech Mattress

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  • Pocket Spring
  • Premium Fabric
  • 6 years warranty

1. Springwel Magic Mattress

Springwel Magic Mattress


1. Top MaterialPU Foam
2. Secondary MaterialNone
3. FabricQuilted
4. ComfortFirm
5. SizeDouble
6. Thickness4 inches
7. ReversibleNo
8. ColourMulticolor
9. Warranty5 years

If you are on a budget you will love the Springwel Magic mattress.

It is made of a single block of PU foam.

But the foam is a 32 Density PU foam.

So the mattress feels quite firm and can handle body support very well.

The Springwel Magic mattress is covered with a premium fabric that has chain-stitched quilting.

The quilt on the top of the mattress feels soft and provides plush comfort.

The Springwel Magic mattress is a double-sized mattress of 4-inch thickness.

And it comes with a 5 years warranty


  • High density PU foam
  • Premium fabric
  • 5 years warranty
  • Low price


  • 4-inch thickness

Our View

If you want a cheap mattress with a high comfort level, either for yourself or for your guests, this is the best one!

2. Springwel Softech Mattress

springwel softech mattress


1. Top MaterialPU Foam
2. Secondary MaterialPocket Spring
3. FabricQuilted
4. ComfortSoft
5. SizeSingle
6. Thickness6 inches
7. ReversibleNo
8. ColourWhite & Grey
9. Warranty6 years

The Springwel Softech mattress is made of pocket springs in the middle.

The top of the mattress has high resilience PU foam.

High-resilience foams are more responsive than memory foam.

This means that high resilience foams are more elastic and bouncy.

The pocket springs in the mattress are individual springs kept inside fabric pockets.

The fabric pockets are stitched together, but the springs remain separate from each other.

This ensures that if pressure is applied on one side of the mattress, it is not felt on the other side.

The high resilience PU foam on the top gives soft support to the body.

And the pocket springs provide firm support.

There is a polypropylene mesh over the pocket springs to protect the PU foam.

It also acts as an insulator.

There is a premium fabric with chain-stitched quilting on both sides of the mattress.

This is a single-sized mattress with a 6-inch thickness.

And it comes with 6 years warranty.


  • Pocket spring
  • High resilience foam
  • 10 years warranty


  • High price

Our View

The quality of the materials is of premium quality and justifies the price of the product. If you have the budget, go for it.


Who is the Springwel mattress owner?

Springwel Mattresses Private Limited has four directors – Paramjeet Singh Chhabra, Harinder Singh Sachdev, Dimple Marwah, and Amandeep Singh.

Is Springwel mattress good?

Yes. Springwel mattress is a good brand. Their mattresses are of good product quality.

Which is better, Sleepwell or Springwell?

It is difficult to say whether Sleepwell or Springwell is better. Both the brands have their own strengths and weaknesses. Such opinions depend on the view of an individual.

Is the Springwel mattress price very high?

No. The Springwel mattress price is not always very high. Prices depend on the materials used and other factors. They have many cheap mattresses which are of high quality. 

Is there any Springwel mattress exchange offer?

No, there is no Springwel mattress exchange offer at this moment.

Are there any other Springwel mattress offers in India?

Springwel mattress offers a 10 days replacement warranty if you buy the product from Amazon.


So, are the mattresses from Springwel still as good as they were before?

Why did their earnings fall in the last financial year?

I think that the pandemic may be one of the reasons for the slump in demand.

But, I also found that their stocks at online marketplaces were minimal.

Many of their products like coir, latex, memory foam, pillows, etc. are not available on Amazon or any other marketplaces.

Low stocks and less customer support may have also triggered low sales and negative Springwel mattress user reviews last year.

However, there is nothing to fear.

The quality of their mattresses is still one of the best.

So my review for Springwel mattresses is that you can buy any one of the mattresses featured above without any hesitation.

However, they should focus more on selling their mattresses and other sleep products on online marketplaces such as Amazon.

They should ensure that there is sufficient variety and stocks on these sites.

For the company which introduced the innovative Dial-A-Mattress campaign in its earlier days, I think gaining trust and good reviews from consumers will not be a problem for Springwel.

So, if you want a good brand and good quality mattress at a cheap price, go ahead and pick Magic.

It is the best Springwel mattress for nice comfort and a good night’s sleep.

Or, if you want a premium spring mattress and sleep without any disturbance from the tosses and turns of the other person, get the Softech mattress.

Forget about other reviews and go with your own view.

Written by Umesh Tiwari

Umesh Tiwari is a blogger based in Pune, India. His blogs reflect his interests in traveling, home decor, and gadgets. When he is not blogging, he loves to listen to music and watch action movies.