Rubberised Coir Mattress Disadvantages And 2 Top Things That Matter

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When we go to buy a coir mattress we sometimes come with the term – a rubberised coir mattress. But what is a rubberised coir mattress? Is it good for us? Know about all the rubberised coir mattress disadvantages before buying one.

Quick Answer

The main disadvantage of a rubberised coir mattress is that it sags easily.

Rubberised coir mattress is a coir mattress which also has a latex solution.

But genuine rubberised coir mattresses are hard to find.

If a company is selling a rubberised coir mattress, you should first check whether there is a latex solution in it or not.

Most of the rubberised coir mattresses in the market do not have it.

By saying that a coir mattress is a rubberised coir mattress, some companies mean to say that the mattress has a good bounce.

However, a coir mattress is not bouncy at all.

Difference between rubberised coir and coir mattress

The main difference between a rubberised coir mattress and a simple coir mattress is the quantity of latex in the former.

By adding latex in the coir, the coir sheets are made to respond better to body weight.

Thus the main advantage of a rubberised coir mattress is the resilience.

A rubberised coir mattress is more firmer than a simple coir mattress. It also gives a firm support to the body.

Coir Mattress Features

rubberised coir mattress disadvantages

Now let us look into the features of a coir mattress:

  • A coir mattress, whether a simple one or rubberised, is more firm than any other type of mattresses.
  • Coir mattress, being a loose material, has plenty of gaps in between. So, there is a good amount of ventilation.
  • Coir mattress sags over time. Although rubberised coir mattresses are more firmer, but the amount of latex is very small. Hence, a rubberised coir mattress, like a general coir mattress, sags over time.

What is a rubberised coir sheet?

A rubberised coir sheet is nothing but a sheet of coir and latex mixed together.

A good rubberised coir sheet contains at least 30% dry rubber content.

What is coir and foam mattress?

rubberised coir mattress disadvantages

A coir mattress is sometimes referred to as a coir and foam mattress.

A coir mattress generally contains both a layer of coir or a layer of rubberised coir and a layer of polyurethane foam on the top.

It is not possible to sleep on only coir.

That is why a layer of polyurethane foam is attached on the top to make it soft.

Rubberised Coir Mattress Disadvantages

The main disadvantages of a rubberised coir mattress are:

  • It sags over time
  • A rubberised coir mattress has to be maintained properly. Care should be taken that it does not get wet, just like a general coir mattress.
  • A rubberised coir mattress does not necessarily mean that it will have a good bounce.

Which is better foam or coir mattress?

Both coir mattresses and foam mattresses have their advantages and disadvantages.

We already know the advantages and disadvantages of a coir mattress.

Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of a foam mattress.

  • A foam mattress, that is a polyurethane mattress, is soft. So it does not last long.
  • A foam mattress is made from carbon compounds. So it is a synthetic material. It may cause allergic reactions to some people.
  • A foam mattress has more density. So it feels hot, especially during summer.

In comparison to a foam mattress, a coir mattress is better as:

  • A coir mattress is made of mostly natural coconut fibre. A rubberised coir mattress is also made of natural materials like coconut fibre and rubber.
  • A coir mattress has more ventilation than a foam mattress.
  • A coir mattress give a firmer support to the body than a soft foam mattress, like polyurethane foam.

Is coconut fibre mattress good?

rubberised coir mattress disadvantages

Yes, a coir mattress or a coconut fibre mattress, as it is sometimes called, is good for a restful sleep.

A coir mattress or a rubberised coir mattress, is not uncomfortable at night.

It is cooler and also gives a firm support to the body.

Is Kurlon mattress a good coir mattress?

Kurl-on is a reputed company in India.

It started it’s operations in 1962.

It pioneered coir mattresses in India.

It has 9 factories in Karnataka, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Gujarat.

Kurl-on coir mattresses are known to be good.

So, yes, you can definitely go ahead and buy a Kurl-on coir mattress.

What is the best rubberised coir mattress in India? 

While buying a coir mattress, please keep in mind all the factors that are mentioned above.

Two of the best rubberised coir mattresses in India are as below:

You can buy any one of them if you are looking for a good rubberised coir mattress.

Now, what are the 2 top things to keep in mind while buying a coir mattress?

The are:

  1. A rubberised coir mattress can sag over time, just like a general coir mattress. This is so, because, the quantity of latex is very small.
  2. A rubberised coir mattress should be maintained well just like a general coir mattress. Care should be taken that the mattress does not get wet.

You should not buy a very costly rubberised coir mattress.

The above two rubberised coir mattresses do not cost much.

They have all the good features mentioned here.

So go ahead and choose any of them.

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Table of Contents

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