Peps Mattress Vs Sleepwell – Which Is The Best Mattress In India?

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In this Peps mattress vs Sleepwell test we review two luxurious mattresses from the companies- the Peps Double Decker mattress and the Sleepwell Nexa mattress. Both the mattresses are very comfortable. But do they deserve the high price? Let us find out.


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Peps Mattress vs Sleepwell Test

The Peps Double Decker mattress is made from talalay foam.

Talalay is a premium form of latex. The Peps Double Decker mattress comes with free wooden case and headboard.

The Sleepwell Nexa mattress is also a premium mattress. It is made from memory foam.

The company claims that the mattress is capable of providing excellent support and weight distribution.

Let us compare between Sleepwell vs Peps and find out which is better.

Full Test

The two mattresses from Peps and Sleepwell is made for ultra luxury minded people.

So the mattresses should be ultra comfortable than anything else.

Which of the two mattresses will give us the most comfort?

We will now perform 6 tests on the mattresses to find out.

Test 1


Peps mattress India is a leading manufacturer of inner spring mattresses in India. They are a ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company. They import most of the raw materials except polyurethane foam. The mattress is made of talalay foam and pocket spring which are of good quality. Talalay foam is made from 30% natural latex and lasts for a very long period. They are also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.


Sleepwell is a leader in polyurethane foam. They are a ISO 9001 certified company and has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The mattress is made of high resilience and very responsive memory foam. The memory foam and the fabric of the mattress is of very good quality.


WinnerPeps is the winner here as the talalay foam is a natural material while a memory foam is a synthetic material.

Test 2


As the materials used in the Peps Double Decker and Sleepwell Nexa mattresses are different, the comfort levels are also different. Talaley should be naturally responsive and bouncy. Memory foam should also be responsive. Let us see how they score here.

Peps Double Decker is soft on the top. The support is  also good as can be expected from a pocket spring mattress. However the fabric on the top does not feel very luxurious.


Sleepwell Nexa have a good support for the body. It also feels very soft. The high resilience memory foam is very responsive too. The fabric is very luxurious.



The Sleepwell Nexa mattress is soft and  responsive to the body weight. The Peps Double Decker mattress is more springy. The award for comfort goes to the Sleepwell Nexa mattress as it shows the true nature of a memory foam mattress.

Test 3


Peps Double Decker has 35 readymade sizes of the mattress which serves most of the Indian households. It is also16 inch thick.


Sleepwell Nexa is available with 4 readymade sizes only. This is the only 8 inch mattress from Sleepwell.



The clear winner is Peps Double Decker mattress.

Test 4


Sleepwell has a long experience in the industry. They have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the country. Peps is relatively a new company which started production in 2006. But how is the build quality of the two mattresses?

Being 16 inch thick, the Peps Double Decker mattress is very heavy. It is a very simple looking mattress. It lacks the looks and quality of a premium mattress.


Sleepwell Nexa is 8 inch thick. The design of the mattress is made with only one thing in mind – class. The look, feel and build quality are all very premium.



While Peps has tried it’s best to match material with comfort, Sleepwell has tried to match all four – materials, comfort, design and price. Sleepwell is the winner here for excellent build quality.

Test 5


Peps Double Decker has 10 years Warranty.


The Sleepwell Nexa mattress has 10 years warranty.



It’s a tie – both the mattresses have same warranty period.

Test 6

Customer Support

Peps has a very high number of customer complaints. Our survey shows that Peps customers are not at all happy with the after-sales support of the company. Complains seem to be unattended most of the time.


It seems that the customers of Sleepwell are happy with the customer support.



Sleepwell is better with after-sales support.

Test Result

Peps Double Decker Mattress
Average Score 80%
Sleepwell Nexa Mattress
Average Score 87%

Conclusion: Sleepwell is better than Peps as far as luxury mattresses are concerned.

Peps Mattress vs Sleepwell Comparison

Peps Mattress






Is Peps Better Than Sleepwell?

The answer is no.

This Peps vs Sleepwell test shows that as far as luxury mattress brands are concerned, Sleepwell is a better choice than Peps.

The Peps Double Decker mattress is a very thick mattress of 16 inches. It has layers of pocket springs and talalay foam.

Talalay foam itself is very costly as is not easily available in India.

But there is very little justification of buying a mattress of 16 inch thickness.

The comfort of the Peps Double Decker mattress and the Sleepwell Nexa mattress is marginal.

The Sleepwell Nexa mattress, with high resilience memory foam, moulds to the curves of the body. It provides excellent support to the body and the spine.

The Sleepwell Nexa mattress has superb fabric quality too, which is better than the Peps Double Decker mattress.

The Sleepwell Nexa mattress is also way cheaper than the Peps Double Decker mattress.

On the other hand, if you are looking to buy spring mattress our pocket spring mattress review and buying guide will help you to find some of the best pocket spring mattresses.

Peps double decker mattress also comes with a bed.

Reviewing the bed is, however, beyond the scope of this article.

Unless you also need a bed with a mattress, it is better to buy the Sleepwell Nexa mattress.

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