Bonnell Spring Vs Pocket Spring – Comparison Of Two Popular Brands

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This Bonnell Spring vs Pocket Spring test will review two mattresses – one made of Bonnell Spring and the other made of Pocket Spring. We will compare the Urban Ladder Dreamlite mattress made of Bonnell Spring and the Springtek Eurotop mattress made of Pocket Spring.


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The Bonnell Spring Vs Pocket Spring Test

Before comparing pocket spring vs bonnell spring, let us understand the difference between the two.

What is a bonnell spring mattress?

Bonnell spring mattresses are made of a traditional spring coil system.

A bonnell spring looks like hour glass. Bonnell springs in a bonnel spring mattress are interconnected by metal wire.

Pocket springs are individual springs wrapped in pockets of cotton or other materials.

The pockets are then stitched one to another.

They are not interconnected by any metal wires like a bonnell spring mattress.

The main advantage of pocket spring is that, the individual springs can move independently.

Bonnell springs cannot move independently as they are all tied together.

So, in a bonnell spring mattress, when pressure is applied to one side of the mattress, it is felt on all sides of the mattress.

When pressure is applied to any side of a pocket spring mattress, it is not felt in any other side of the mattress.

The Dreamlite mattress from Urban Ladder is made of bonnell spring. It is promoted as a cheap bonnell mattress by the company.

The Eurotop mattress from Springtek is made of pocket spring. It is promoted as a luxury mattress by the company.

We can understand the bonnell springs vs pocket springs better by comparing these two mattresses.

So let us compare these two mattress and find out more about bonnell spring and pocket spring mattresses and which one to buy.

Full Test

One of the major difference between a bonnell spring and a pocket spring mattress is that, a pocket spring mattress can give support to the various curves of our body while a bonnell spring cannot.

The reason for this is, pocket springs can move individually while all bonnell springs move together.

The other advantage of a pocket spring mattress is that, a person is not disturbed by the toss and turns of his / her partner.

But before jumping on to a conclusion based on only this major differences between pocket vs bonnell spring, we will test the two mattresses in a more general manner.

Thus our comparison will not be biased on only material type.

So we will now compare the Urban Ladder Dreamlite and the Springtek Eurotop on the material, comfort, size, strength, warranty and customer support.

Test 1


Urban Ladder is an online and offline furniture company based in Bangalore. It started operations in 2012. It has over 600 design firms working with them. The Urban Ladder bonnell spring mattress is made of anti-corrosive carbon wire. The top of the mattress has foam over the bonnell springs.The edges of the mattress has wire and foam to keep the mattress in shape. The fabric is very comfortable.


Springtek is based at Bareily. It was founded in 1968. The quality of the pocket springs are very good. It shows the right characteristics as expected from a pocket spring mattress. However the fabric does not have a comfortable feeling.


WinnerUrban Ladder has better materials, especially the fabric.

Test 2


As expected pressures on one side of the mattress is felt at the other side too. So, no zero partner disturbance here! The mattress felt a bit hard too. However the top of the mattress is soft.


The Springtek Eurotop is a medium soft mattress. It has good body support. Pressures are not felt on the other side of the mattress if someone sleeps on one side of the mattress.



The award goes to Springtek Eurotop mattress.

Test 3


Urban Ladder Dreamlite has 3 readymade sizes only.


Springtek Eurotop is available in 6 readymade sizes.



The clear winner is Springtek Eurotop mattress.

Test 4


Urban Ladder Dreamlite comes with a remarkable 8 inch and 9 inch thickness. The build quality is pretty good.


Springtek Eurotop comes in 6 inch and 8 inch thickness. The stiches and the build quality are very good.



Both Urban Ladder and Springtek mattresses have good build quality. The score is a tie.

Test 5


Urban Ladder Dreamlite has 5 years Warranty.


The Springtek Eurotop has 8 years warranty.



Again the clear winner is Springtek Eurotop mattress.

Test 6

Customer Support

We came across several complaints over customer support of Urban Ladder in our study. Urban Ladder needs to resolve customer issues more quickly.


It seems that the customers of Springtek are happy with the customer support.



Springtek is better with after-sales support.

Test Result

Urban Ladder Dreamlite Mattress
Average Score 57%
Springtek Eurotop Mattress
Average Score 77%

Springtek Eurotop mattress is better than Urban Ladder Dreamlite mattress as far as spring mattresses are considered.

Bonnell Spring vs Pocket Spring Comparison

Bonnell Spring Mattress



Pocket Spring Mattress



Pocket spring vs Bonnell spring - Which is better? 

The main advantage of a pocket spring mattress is that tossing and turning of the partner does not cause any disturbance to you.

Now it is time to find out the answer to the question – bonnell spring or pocket spring which is better?

We understood the difference between bonnell and pocketed spring mattress.

As shown in our tests, bonnell spring mattresses are made of good materials. They are tough too.

A pocket spring mattress have good comfort, more sizes, long warranty, good customer support and are tough.

This bonnell spring vs pocket spring mattress test also proves that pocket spring mattresses are better in handling body weight than a bonnell spring mattress.

Besides these two mattresses we have done tests on other bonnell spring and pocket spring mattresses too.

We found that Springtek Ortho, Comforto Pocket Spring and Sleep Innovations Revor are some other good pocketed spring mattress in India.

Now that it is confirmed that a pocket spring mattress is better than a bonnell spring mattress, you can buy either any of these pocket spring mattress.

We highly recommend to buy the Springtek Eurotop mattress as it is a very good pocket spring mattress in all respects.

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