2 Main Bonded Foam Mattress Disadvantages

bonded foam mattress

There are some bonded foam mattress disadvantages you should know when buying mattresses. Bonded foam is used as the support layer in a mattress as it is a hard material. It also helps to keep the mattress from sagging. It is never used as the top material in a mattress because it is not comfortable … Read more

Rubberised Coir Mattress Disadvantages And 2 Top Things That Matter

rubberised coir mattress

When we go to buy a coir mattress we may encounter the term “rubberized coir mattress”. Now, what is a rubberized coir mattress? And are they good or are there any rubberized coir mattress disadvantages? Well, coir mattresses revolutionized the sleeping industry back in the ’60s. In those days, Indians mainly used cotton mattresses for … Read more

3 Remarkable Difference Between Coir And Foam Mattress

Difference between coir and foam mattress

The main difference between coir and foam mattress is the material. Coir is made of coconut coir, a natural product.  A foam mattress is made from carbon compounds, a synthetic product.  The difference between coir and foam mattress is related to the material, cost, and the kind of support the mattress gives to the body. … Read more

Which Mattress Is Good For Health In India? 3 Secrets To Comfort.

which mattress is good for health in India

Are you confused about which mattress is good for your health? Many people think buying a mattress is just going to the shop and buying the one that fits the budget. Some of us do consider firmness, but that is all there is to it. But budget and comfort are not the only things to … Read more

Cotton Mattress Vs Coir Mattress (The ULTIMATE Truth)

cotton mattress vs coir mattress

Cotton mattresses were the only form of mattresses in India for a long time. But some people started thinking about the various cotton mattress advantages and disadvantages during the early ‘60s. That led to the forming of mattress companies such as Kurl-On and Duroflex, who pioneered coir mattresses that revolutionized how Indians slept. However, 65% … Read more

Which Side of Mattress Is Up In Summer? 5 Amazing Tips.

Which side of mattress is up in Summer

There are some mattresses that can be used on both sides. But, even if a mattress is reversible, generally every mattress should be turned over every three months to maintain it properly. Switching a mattress to different sides ensures that the mattress remains free from sagging. However, to find out which side of mattress is … Read more

Should We Buy Coir Or Foam Mattress For Summer? 3 Top Mistakes.

should we buy coir or foam mattress for summer

Summers are hot in India. So it is necessary that our mattresses do not feel uncomfortable at night. if our mattresses do not feel comfortable on a hot night, we will not be able to sleep properly. And not getting enough sleep may lead to many health problems. The market seems to be flooded with … Read more

Is Cotton Mattress Good For Back Pain? 5 Essential Truths

Is Cotton Mattress Good For Back Pain

Cotton mattresses were used for centuries in India. People were not even aware that there could be any other type of mattresses till the ‘60s. However, due to the enterprising spirit of some entrepreneurs during that time, the way people viewed mattresses changed forever. People started wondering – Is cotton mattress good for back pain?  … Read more