Best Spring Mattress In India – 2021: An Ultimate Guide

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Are you looking for the best spring mattress in India for 2019? You have come to the right place.We have selected three spring mattress in India which are best in terms of comfort, materials and body support. Read on to find out more.


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Best Spring Mattress In India Reviews

Springtek Ortho Mattress

Springtek, a brand from the Ashoka Foam Group is founded in 1968.

It is a renowned mattress brand in India.

We have picked the Ortho Pocket Spring mattress from Springtek as one of the best spring mattress here because of it’s excellent quality of pocket springs.

The pocket springs are covered by high density PUF foam on the top.

The mattress can be used on both sides.

It is 6 inches thick.

Springtek has a good customer support team too.



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Comforto Pocket Spring Mattress

Comforto mattress is the brand of Coir Comfort Industries (India) Private Limited.

The company’s rubber foam manufacturing unit was established in 1978.

It supplies cushions to Indian Railways and State Transports.

The pocket springs in its mattresses are manufactured in its own manufacturing unit.

We selected the Comforto pocket spring mattress as one of the best spring mattress in India, because of the excellent quality of the pocket springs.

The overall material quality of this mattress is superb.

Comforto pocket spring mattress is made of higher number of pocket springs than other general pocket spring mattresses.

The fabric of the mattress has a plush feel.

The comfort level of the Comforto pocket spring mattress is medium-soft. It feels comfortable to sleep on.



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Boston Pocket Spring Mattress

Boston mattress is mattress manufacturing company in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

True to it’s name, the Boston Hotel Series mattress is built to give the comfort level that you would get in the hotels.

The pocket springs are covered by a non-woven fabric on the top.

Above this there is a heavy-duty felt-pad.

The felt pad is then covered with foam.

The mattress has a knitted quilted fabric cover on the top.

The Boston pocket spring mattress is available in 6″ and 8″ thickness.

It is available in 32 different sizes.



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Buying Guide To A Good Spring Mattress

There are two type of Spring Mattresses – Bonnell Spring mattress and the Pocket Spring Mattress.

Bonnell Spring mattresses are traditional spring mattresses. The springs in a Bonnell Spring mattress are interconnected by a metal mesh.

In Pocket Spring mattresses the springs are encased individually in pockets. They are then stitched together.

The springs of a Bonnell Spring mattress move all at once when one of the springs is pressed. The springs of a Pocket Spring mattress do not move all at once as they are in individual pockets.

A good spring mattress should have the following:


Springs in a spring mattress can be of two types – bonnell springs and pocket springs.

Bonnel springs are traditional springs, in which all springs are tied together by a common wire.

Pocket springs are kept in individual pockets made of cotton or other such material. Then the pockets are stitched together.

The main difference between a bonnell spring and a pocket spring mattress is that, when pressure is applied on one side of a bonnel spring mattress, it can be felt on the other side.

If pressure is applied to one side of a pocket spring mattress, it is not felt on the other side of the mattress.

We recommend to buy a pocket spring mattress rather than a bonnell spring mattress, as you will not be disturbed by the toss and turns of your sleeping partner.

All the mattresses in this article are some of the best pocket spring mattress in India.


The main characteristic of any spring mattress is bounce.

Check the bounce of the mattress by sitting, lying and jumping on it a few times.

If you hear a sound, then the springs are not of good quality.

If you feel too stiff, then it will not give you good body support.

An ideal bounce is when you lie and feel that some parts of the body are going inside and some parts of your body are not.

Top Layer

The top layer of any mattress is the comfort layer of the mattress.

The top layer of a spring mattress is very important.

The top layer in a spring mattress is generally made of PUF or polyurethane foam.

Some spring mattress have memory foam as the top layer.

Check and see whether you feel the springs if you put pressure on the mattress.

If you can feel the springs, the top layer of the mattress does not have enough thickness. Such mattresses will not be comfortable.


The mattresses in this list are the best mattress in india 2019 for Spring mattresses.

It is not possible to tell about one mattress which is the best mattress in india. Different people have different needs. So when one mattress is good for one person, it may not be suitable for another person. However, if you are looking for a good spring mattress you can buy the Springtek Ortho mattress in this list.

You should look for Comfort, Cost and Customer Support as a general rule of thumb when choosing a good mattress. 

The best mattress for sleeping is the one which is medium-firm to soft. The primary material can be either be spring, foam or latex

For avoiding back pain you should look for a medium-firm mattress.

A medium-firm mattress is good for the back.

Please look at the answer to the “which type of mattress is best for sleeping” above.

It is very difficult to point a single mattress brand as the best one in the market. Please remember that name and fame should not be considered alone while buying a product. The build quality and customer support is also very important factors. Please read the reviews of the different mattresses in our site to find the one that you like.

A life of even a very good mattress is not more than 10 years. Some mattress may have even a shorter life than 10 years, especially foam and coir.

Which is the best spring mattress in India?

This is the “which mattress to buy india” list for you. All the mattresses in this list are good spring mattress in india. But if you want to go for the very best, buy the Springtek Ortho mattress.

As you have seen in the Springtek mattress review above, the Springtek Ortho mattress has medium comfort, is cheaper and has a good customer support.

It is the best spring mattress in India at the moment.

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