Best Mattress For Summer in India – 3 Latex Mattresses

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With so many mattresses available in India today, it is really hard to pick the best mattress in India. In this Best Mattress in India 2019 Ultimate Buying Guide we present to you the top three mattresses that has passed our test of comfort, cost and customer support. Read on to find out more about the best quality mattress in India.

Best Mattress For Summer In India Reviews

Foams India Latex Mattress

Foams India is a company based in Chennai.

It manufactures only latex mattresses.

It is a leading manufacturer of 100% natural latex mattress in India.

The quality of latex in the Foams India latex mattress is excellent.

This latex mattress weighs only around 13 kgs.

It is made with Dunlop technology.

The Foams India latex mattress has 15 years warranty.

The price of the mattress is the lowest of all the 3 mattresses reviewed here.

The Foams India latex mattress is sold with Free pillows.



What We Like Best

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Sunday Ortho Plus Mattress

Sunday mattresses is a startup formed in 2015 at Bengaluru.

It was founded by Mr. Alphonse Reddy, a graduate of BITS, Pilani and INSEAD, France. He also founded “Fabmart”, an online marketplace for sleep-related products.

The Sunday Ortho Plus mattress is launched in September 2019.

It is designed by Hiroko Shiratori, an acclaimed Japanese designer, 

The latex in the Sunday mattress is sourced from Belgium.

The Sunday Ortho Plus mattress is made of 2 inches of Latex (65D), 1 inch of Memory foam (55 D and TDI based), 5 inches of HR foam (32 D).

It has a three zone design which provides more comfort and therapeutic support. It helps to isolate movements, hence there is zero partner disturbances, if they toss and turn.

The Sunday Ortho Plus mattress has 100% organic cotton in the top cover. So, there is less chance of having  asthma or allergies due to nasty chemicals.

It scores 6 out of 10 (middle-ground with some plushness but more limited sink) in our tests for firmness. So, it is a medium-firm mattress which are excellent for providing relief from back and neck pain.

Sunday mattresses is the only Indian brand that has LGA certification from Germany. This certification shows how long a mattress can last. Sunday claims it’s mattresses to have a score of 99, out of 100. 

It has other certifications too like Euro latex and OEKO – Tex.

So the Sunday Ortho Plus mattress provides the right support to your spine, is made of organic cotton materials and has impressive certifications like LGA and OEKO-Tex, which really gives the confidence to buy.



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Dreamzee Latex Mattress

Dreamzee is the mattress brand of E Mega Mart in Delhi.

The Dreamzee latex mattress is made with Dunlop technology.

It has excellent material quality and build quality.

The latex has good number of pin cores for air circulation.

The mattress is available in 5, 7 and 9 inches.

It is available in 36 readymade sizes.

The Dreamzee latex mattress has 7 years warranty.



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Latex Mattress India Buying Guide

Latex mattress is made from latex foam. Latex foam is made from the sap of the rubber tree.

Sometimes some natural fillings are combined with latex to make a latex mattress.

Dunlopillo discovered the benefits of latex mattresses in early 1900. They developed the technology of latex mattresses and pillows from latex foam. 

Following are the benefits of a latex mattress:

  • A latex mattress is naturally elastic which provides excellent support to the body
  • A latex mattress has a long life.
  • A latex mattress do not breed dust mites or cause allergies.
  • A latex mattress can maintain temperature naturally.

A latex mattress can be the best mattress for summer in India for you, provided you buy a good one.

Now let us see how we can buy a good latex mattress.


A good latex mattress should have a good bounce. 

A latex mattress should not be very bouncy like a spring mattress, but a general light bounce, so that it can easily mould to the body contours.


A good latex mattress should be naturally cool. Just like rubber, a latex mattress should not get too hot or too cold.


A latex mattress should not be too soft or too hard. The latex mattress should be of medium comfort level.


Both latex mattress and memory foam mattress are good for health. Both the latex mattress and the memory foam mattress gives good support to the body, especially the spine.

There are many latex and memory foam mattresses in India. The three mattresses mentioned here – Boston latex mattress, Foams India latex mattress and the Dreamzee latex mattress are very good latex mattresses. These mattresses are good mattresses for health in India.

As the climate in India is generally hot, both latex mattress and coir mattress are good for India.

As said earlier, latex and coir mattresses are good for hot weather.

Latex and coir mattresses are good for summer. All the 3 latex mattresses reviewed here are some of the best mattress for summer in India.

The cool side of the mattress should be up in summer. Turn the mattress to use the side which you were not using before.

Last Words On The Best Mattress In India For Summer

We have listed three of the best latex mattresses in India at the moment.

You can buy any one of them as a latex mattress is the best mattress for summer in India.

However if we are to make a choice among these three mattresses as the best mattress for summer in India, we will point our fingers to the Sunday Ortho Plus Mattress.

The mattress has 8-inch thickness, which will provide good comfort.

It also has medium firmness which is ideal for providing support to the spine.

The mattress has excellent build quality.

It has 3 top certifications – Euro Latex, OEKO – Tex and LGA.

It is also made of two ideal materials for providing relief from back and neck pain – memory foam and latex.

The top zipper cover is made of 100% cotton too.

The fact that it has 100 day trial gives the opportunity to try it out and check whether it suits or not.

The 10-year warranty also gives an additional confidence to buy.

The coolness of latex and cotton and the medium-firm comfort for support are indeed the ideal combinations for the summers in India.

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