Best Coir Mattress In India For 2024

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Do you still need a coir mattress?

Well. coir mattresses revolutionized the Indian mattress industry in the 60s’.

And, rubberized coir mattresses have a market share of 28% of all mattresses sold in India. (Source: Redseer)

So, if you want to buy a coir mattress then this list will help you to find the best coir mattress in India.

I have researched all the brands that are available on the market and picked the best three coir mattresses for you.

Here are the best ones we found.

Best Coir Mattress In India

Top Pick

Springtek Coir Bond mattress
Two layers of rubberized coir on top.
Bonded foam at the bottom
Jacquard fabric
Firm comfort
4″ thickness
4 years warranty

The Springtek Coir Bond mattress is a coir mattress having 2 layers of rubberized coir.

The center of the mattress has bonded foam, which is actually hard foam.

It is covered with quilted jacquard fabric.

Springtek uses latex from FSC-certified suppliers.

However, it is not clear whether they use the same latex to manufacture rubberized coir mattresses.

What We Like About It:

  • When you buy the Springtek Coir Bond mattress, you get a genuine rubberized coir mattress.
  • You will also get 4 years warranty, which shows that the company has confidence in its product.

What We Do Not Like About it:

  • The only thing that we do not like is that it comes with only one color option.

Best Value

Cozy Coir Mattress
Two layers of rubberized coir on top.
Hard foam at the bottom
Polyester Fabric
Medium-firm comfort
4″ thickness
2 years warranty

The Cozy Coir mattress also has 2 layers of rubberized coir.

But it is also a medium-firm mattress, which is ideal for not getting back pain.

And the price is quite low too.

The Cozy Coir brand started operations in 1986 in Delhi.

They also have pillows, cushions, mattress protectors, and comforters in their product range.

Their products are ISI marked with BIS specifications.

What We Like About It:

  • The Cozy Coir mattress is a high-quality product with a low price. So, you get good value for money.
  • The mattress also has a medium-firm comfort, which is an ideal comfort level.

What We Do Not Like About it:

  • It comes with only 2 years warranty. We feel it could have been better.

Premium Choice

Restolex Greensleep Mattress
High-density OCS foam on the top.
Hybrid support foam.
Rubberized coir in the middle.
High GSM Fabric
Medium comfort
5″ thickness
5 years warranty

There are 2 types of foam in the Restolex Greensleep mattress – “high-density OCS foam” and “hybrid supportive foam”.

OCS stands for Open Cell Structure.

Hence the “high-density OCS foam” means that the foam is dense but also has gaps.

This helps the heat to escape from the foam, keeping them cooler than normal foam.

The “hybrid supportive foam” is made of bonded foam, which gives firm support.

It also helps to maintain the shape of the mattress.

There is also rubberized coir, which is a mix of coir and latex.

The mattress has the OCS foam on the top, bonded foam in the middle, and the rubberized coir at the bottom.

An excellent construction that gives great support to your spine, which helps in reducing back pain.

It is not clear about the material used for the fabric, but they say it is of high GSM, which means that they are durable.

The base fabric is a bit rough, which helps to keep the mattress in place and not slip away.

What We Like About It:

  • The construction of the mattress is of premium quality.
  • We like the OCS foam. It is unlike normal foam, which will help you to remain cool. Yet it provides cushy comfort.
  • The rubberized coir and the bonded foam combination provide excellent support.
  • You will also get 5 years warranty, which is excellent for coir mattresses.

What We Do Not Like About it:

  • The price is on the higher side. But it justifies the materials and the construction of the mattress.

How to buy a coir mattress?


Coir mattresses are made of natural materials.

So, they are good for your health.

But, as the top material is made of foam, you should check that the foam is of good quality too.


As there are natural gaps in coir, they sag within a short time.

That is why rubberized coir mattresses are good for you because they are made of coir and latex.

So, buy only rubberized coir mattresses.


When buying coir mattresses, choose one which has a longer warranty.

Coir mattresses is best for 5 years only.

So, a mattress that has a longer warranty, means that it will last it’s lifetime.


Coir is a naturally sourced material, hence it is costly.

So, a good coir mattress will be costly.

But, when paying, see what extra materials you are getting beside the coir.


What is a coir mattress?

A coir mattress is a type of mattress in which the primary material used is made from the husk of coconut fiber. But, as we cannot sleep on coir, a layer of foam is also used on top of it.

What is a rubberized coir mattress?

A rubberized coir mattress is a mattress in which the coir is treated with latex foam. Latex foam is made from the sap of rubber trees.

Is coir good for mattress?

Yes. Coir is generally good for a mattress as they do not cause allergies. But as they are very firm and not responsive, they can cause back pain to some people.

Is coir mattress good for baby?

No. A coir mattress is not good for a baby. Mattresses made from foam are good for babies.

What is the life of coir mattress?

The life of a coir mattress is 5 years.

Does coir mattress generate heat?

No. A coir mattress does not generate heat as it is a loose material. They are naturally well-ventilated.

Are coir mattresses soft?

No. Coir mattresses are not soft. They are firm.

Do coir mattresses sag?

Yes. Coir mattresses sag easily with regular use as coconut husk is a loose material.

How do you clean a coir mattress?

To clean a coir mattress of dust, make it stand upright and beat it with a broom. You can use a vacuum cleaner too. If there are stains on a coir mattress, you can dab a paste of baking soda, salt, and cold water on the affected surface, rub it gently and then let it dry naturally. You can also use hydrogen peroxide.

Why trust us?

I was sleeping on a Kurl-on coir mattress for over 20 years.

I was not aware that coir mattresses have a life of only 5 years.

A few years back I was having back pain, which forced me to investigate the mattress I was sleeping on.

The coir mattress that I was using had sagged and became very hard.

I spent a week researching about which mattress to buy.

I researched online and also visited the mattress shops in town.

I found many good coir mattresses, but ultimately decided on these three.

They are affordable, durable, and are from genuine brands.

I have been using one of these myself for the last 3 years and I do not have back pain anymore.

I have also tested the other two mattresses in the shop, along with the one I bought.

All of them are at par with materials, build quality and durability.

You can buy any one of them as per your budget.

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