best brand for mattress in India

The Best Brand For Mattress In India – The Companies & Brands That You Should Really Care About

Last Updated On April 27, 2022

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Many D2C (Direct To Consumer) brands have flooded the online marketplaces in the recent past.

Traditional mattress companies like Kurl-on, Sleepwell, Duroflex, and others have been trying their best to tackle the growing popularity of the new-age brands.

If you are as confused as me and looking for the best brand for mattress in India, then we both need to find out more about the current scenario.

I have done some research already and came up with a list of the top 10 Best Mattress Brands in India.

If you want to buy the best mattress out there, you must read this article in full.

Best Brand For Mattress In India Review

How did we pick the best mattress brand for you?

What is the benchmark for my best mattress brands list?

Well, the first criteria for being the best company for mattress is that the company should be a genuine company, right?

It shouldn’t be a fly-by-night company.

The next one is that for being the best brand of mattress in India the promoters should have an experience in either their own business or in a business of similar nature.

Although I do not give much importance to educational qualifications for being a successful businessman or businesswoman, experience in a business environment, however, is a must.

Without exposure to business challenges, it is difficult to have business acumen and survive in a competitive environment.

Next, I took a look at the materials that the company uses for its mattresses.

The material the mattress is made of will play the main role in your comfort and sleep.

Without good material quality, it is difficult to be the best brand in the mattress industry.

Materials like memory foam and latex are both good for comfort and back pain.

But they are costly materials.

If the memory foam is of low density or the latex is of low quality it will not help either in your comfort or back pain.

PU foam is used mostly as the comfort layer of mattresses.

But if the PU foam used is not of good quality, you will feel hot and the mattress may not be comfortable for your body.

The springs used in spring mattresses should be made of good material like tungsten or steel for giving optimum support to the body.

So, the best mattress companies in India should get the raw material from reliable sources.

Next comes the craftmanship.

Do they use modern machines?

Do they have a skilled workforce?

When it comes to the build quality of the mattress, these factors make all the difference.

Lastly, the best bed mattress brands in India are those that really care for their customers.

They should be ready to help quickly with any issue that a customer may come across.

All the criteria above are essential ingredients for being the best mattress manufacturer.

So, based on these benchmarks, I tried to find the answer as to ‘which brand mattress is best in India’.

And it took me a long time to finally come up with this list of Top 10 Mattress Brands in India that are good for your body comfort, back pain, and sleep.

However, please note that I have not tried to rank these brands.

The best mattress brands in India 2022 list is arranged alphabetically.

Take a look at what I found.

1. Duroflex


Duroflex is an old player in the mattress industry.

It enjoys a 21% market share. [Source: Exchange4Media]

Their products are well appreciated both online and offline.

They have 585 stores in the country, most of which are in the southern states.

You can also buy their products online on their website as well as on marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart.

Besides mattresses, they also have mattress protectors, pillows, bedsheets, comforters, beds, and other furniture.

Take a look at our review of their mattresses here.

2. Kurl-on


Kurl-on is the ‘grand-daddy’ of all mattress companies in the country.

It co-existed with brands like Duroflex, Sleepwell, and the huge unorganized segment of the Indian mattress industry in the early ‘60s.

The Kurl-on brand value is still very strong in the mattress industry.

Kurl-on is the pioneer of coir mattresses in the country at a time when Indians were using only cotton mattresses to sleep.

Besides coir, they also have mattresses made of memory foam, spring, and latex.

They also have pillows and mattress toppers.

It has the largest offline presence in over 150 cities with more than 7500 retailers.

The company also sells its products online through its own website and on other online marketplaces.

However, it seems that the brand has lost some color when it comes to sales, especially on the online marketplaces.

Read the full review of this popular mattress brand here.

3. Peps

peps hypnos

Peps is the leading mattress brand for spring mattresses in the country.

It has manufacturing facilities in Pune, West Bengal, Delhi, and Coimbatore.

It started late in the race to join the D2C game.

They launched the Hypnos brand of mattresses on Amazon, Flipkart, and on their own website to compete with the other players.

If you want to know more about this mattress brand, please read our review here.

By the way, they are rumored to be selling out the company, which they have denied. [Source: Economic Times]

4. SleepX


SleepX is the online brand of Sheela Foam Limited, the company behind the popular Sleepwell mattress brand.

The SleepX mattresses are colorful and cheap.

Being from the house of Sleepwell, the build quality of the SleepX mattresses is actually quite good.

They also have pillows under the same brand.

Read our review of this mattress brand here.

5. Sleepyhead


Sleepyhead is the D2C mattress brand of the well-known player in the industry – Duroflex.

Although Duroflex is one of the leading mattress brands offline, the company realized the importance of an online-only or D2C brand early.

And they took the right step.

The Sleepyhead brand grew from just INR 40 Lakh revenue in 2017 to INR 84.84 crore in FY 2021.

The brand’s growth has been phenomenal.

Sleepyhead has been a favorite brand among online mattress shoppers for its top-notch product quality and good customer service.

The company also sells mattress protectors, pillows, comforters, and furniture under the same brand.

If you want to buy a Sleepyhead mattress, do not forget to read our review.

6. Springtek


Springtek mattresses are available both online as well as offline.

It is available in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune.

But you can order their products from any place in India online, either on their own website or at one of the online shopping sites like Amazon.

Like other brands, they too have a wide range of products like mattresses, beds, sofas, pillows, and other furniture.

Read our review on Springtek here.

7. Springwel


Compared to the new-age D2C brands, Springwel is an old offline mattress brand.

It is established in the year 1996.

Their mattresses are available in various states like Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Uttar Pradesh.

However, you can also buy their products online, from any place in India, through their website, as well as other online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart.

But, it seems that they have low stocks online as of this writing.

If you want to know more, click here.  

8. The Sleep Company


The Sleep Company is a new kid on the block compared to the other companies featured here.

It has been profitable ever since it started operations in 2019.

The company manufactures mattresses using a different kind of material which they call ‘SmartGRID’.

It is an elastic polymer, laid out in grid design, which the company imports from Japan and Europe.

They are the only mattress manufacturer in India to use this material.

The mattresses are developed in association with retired scientists from the Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) in India.

Their product range includes mattresses, mattress protectors, comforters, fitted sheets, blankets, pillows, beds, and chairs.

All their products are available exclusively on Amazon, Flipkart, and on its own website.

You can read our review of their mattress here.

9. Wakefit


Does your company have an official nap time?

Well, Wakefit, with an employee strength of 667, has just that!

The company’s official nap time is from 2:00 P.M. to 2:30 PM.

Well, their policy is loved by everyone in their company for sure!

And their customers also love them for their fantastic mattresses.

Their mattresses have been on the bestsellers list of online marketplaces ever since they started selling them.

Besides mattresses, Wakefit has a huge product range from pillows to furniture and even carpets.

Take a look at our review if you want to buy one of their mattresses.

10. Wake-Up


Wake-Up, another D2C brand, started manufacturing mattresses in 2018.

Their product range includes other sleep products like mattress protectors, pillows, and beds.

They also have a range of other furniture like bookshelf, TV units, coffee tables, etc.

Their mattresses have been appreciated by the consumers for their good build quality.

If you want to know which one of their mattresses is on our list, read this article.


Which is the best brand for mattress in India?

It is difficult to point out just one brand as the best brand for mattress in India. You can choose any brand such as Wakefit, Sleepyhead, The Sleep Company, etc.

Which brand mattress is best?

It is difficult to answer which brand mattress is best. Every brand has its own strength and weaknesses.

Which is best mattress for back pain in India?

The best mattress for back pain in India is the Wakefit Orthopedic mattress.

Which foam is best for mattress?

The foam that is best for mattress is memory foam.

What is the secret behind hotel mattresses being so comfortable?

The secret behind hotel mattresses being so comfortable is that they use high-quality spring mattresses.

Are Foam Mattresses better than Spring Mattresses?

Yes. Foam mattresses are better than spring mattresses.

Which type of mattress is used in 5 star hotels?

The type of mattress used in 5 star hotels is spring mattresses.

Which mattress is good for back pain?

The mattress that is good for back pain is made of either memory foam or latex.

Which is the healthiest type of mattress?

The healthiest type of mattress is made of latex and coir.

What mattresses should you buy?

The mattress you should buy depends on a number of factors such as age, health condition, sleeping habits, etc. It will vary from person to person.


So, what do you think?

Which is the best brand for mattress in India?

Actually, it is very difficult to point out a single company as the best one in the best mattress brand in India 2022 list.

When I tried to find the best bed mattress company in India, I read many reviews and got more confused at first.

I compared each mattress with my own benchmark for comfort, size, price, and customer support.

Many of the mattresses were rejected for using low materials like foam, latex, spring, etc.

As latex is a costly material, many brands used very low-quality latex for their mattress.

I also realized that you just cannot ignore the old brands like Kurl-on, Sleepwell, Duroflex, Springwel, and others.

Their products were bestsellers in the past for a reason, right?

What I found out is that some of these companies took a little longer time to understand the implications of not going online with their products.

They had a huge pool of distributors and retailers offline which helped them to do business traditionally.

However, with D2C brands like Wakefit having a field day online, they realized that they must go online to take advantage of the growing trend.

It started with Duroflex, introducing the Sleepyhead brand.

Then came SleepX, Hypnos, and others.

What surprised me, however, is the lack of any D2C brand from Kurl-on.

But, the D2C market has heated up already, and I believe it will be a matter of time before others join in.

And it will be good for all of us.

So, how should you choose the best mattress In India?

Should you shop by brand?

Or should you choose by material?

Or should you look at the customer service of the company?

Well, I looked at everything and went down the rabbit hole to find India’s best mattress brand.

And I did it for my own sake at first.

I needed to buy a mattress myself and wanted to know which is the best mattress company in India.

I have seen many people drooling over shiny objects whenever they hit the market.

It’s not a good idea to buy something only at face value.

If you want to sleep in comfort, then I am sure this list of best mattress brands in India will help you.

You can read the full review of each one of the brands by clicking on the links.

You can also take a look at the 10 best branded mattress in India if you want to know the best one to buy this year.

Thanks for reading.

Written by Umesh Tiwari

Umesh Tiwari is a blogger based in Pune, India. His blogs reflect his interests in traveling, home decor, and gadgets. When he is not blogging, he loves to listen to music and watch action movies.