Who are we?

We are a small team of people with a passion to spread consumer awareness.

Our Mission

To spread awareness about buying the perfect mattress.

Our Method

We conduct 6 tests on a mattress – material, comfort, sizes available, strength and durability, warranty and customer satisfaction. Then analyse them with the price.

We call it “3C-Test”. The 3Cs are comfort, cost and customer satisfaction.


Measure the material and firmness.


Analyse the price based on mattress quality and other competitors.

Customer Satisfaction

Analyse customer experience.

Our Promise

We will never compromise with our testing method. Our reviews are unbiassed.

However, if you purchase a mattress by clicking any link in our site, we will earn a small commission from Amazon.in and it’s associate sites, but at no extra cost to you. It will help us to continue reviewing more mattresses for you.

Why Mattresses?

In India the mattress industry is scattered. We found that the consumer awareness on mattresses are minimal.

The most common way one buys a mattress is just going to a local shop and buy the one which the shopkeeper suggests. The person who went to the shop to buy a mattress do not know which one is really beneficial for him or her.

If someone buys a mattress from a company’s website, he still does not know it’s competitors and whether there are any better mattress than that on the company’s website.

It is much better to buy a mattress online from a reliable site like Amazon, where there are many brands and types available. A person can see the reviews of other buyers and see whether the mattress is good or not.

But relying only on the customer reviews can be risky. There can be false reviews too.

With advertisements taking a center-stage, from shopkeepers to print and electronic media, it is necessary to cut the noise and get a true advice.

It is also necessary to get an expert opinion on mattresses rather than relying on just other people’s experiences, which can be false too.

We analyse the market, the mattress industry  and help in cutting all the noise.

We help a buyer to take an informed decision.

With no such awareness available exclusively for mattresses, we decided that it is time to make the consumer, that is you, buy the perfect mattress based on unbiassed information.


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